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  • Vikas Ahlawat (IRS – IT, 2016)

    Profile photo of Vikas Ahlawat (IRS – IT, 2016)

    Vikas Ahlawat (IRS – IT, 2016)

    Vikas secured 369 ranks in Civil Service exam 2016 and is an IRS. He has been mentoring a number of students with History optional for last 2 years, and has consistently performed well in History optional for last 4 years, securing 232, 244, 262 marks in Civil service exams held in 2014, 2015, 2016 respectively. He also scored 126 out of 250 in GS Paper 1.


    Abhijeet is an engineering graduate of NIT Calicut, Kerala, who was selected in Civil Service Exam 2016 and is the Sectional officer in Armed Forces Headquarters (AFHQ).He has been mentoring students with history optional for last 2 years and was associated with a number of reputed institutes and worked for publication houses like Unique, Arihant etc. He has worked extensively on answer writing and developed more than 250 model answers for previous year history questions.Abhijeet is currently associated with NeoStencil’s ”90 days Free Answer Writing Practice for IAS Mains History Optional 2018”.

    He scored 234 and 273 marks in History Optional in the Civil Service exams held in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

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    Student Testimonials

    • "To be honest the map question was always something which I used to avoid. The pain in Identifying and remembering numerous prehistoric sites created a mental block that map is tough and was effecting my preparation. Vikas sir with his wit and humour makes this boring exercise interesting and Abhijeet sir has impeccable command over history optional instead of reading 4-5 reference books one can attend his lectures ,equally good in insight and knowledge and after attending their lectures I'm able to gather both site specific as well as general info regarding these sites. Map is no more boring ."

      -- shardool-kunwar, They have made it (Map) interesting .

    • "About course I think this test series is a boon for every history optional student. First thing first high quality content at such affordable prices. This test series not only covers all the important areas covered in previous years mains but also the expected ones. We online students can attempt these tests anywhere anytime . Both Abhijeet sir and Vikas sir are always ready to evaluate our tests. Weekly discussions on tests are held every Sunday and both of them share their insights and knowledge along with model answers. They explain things in such elaborate manner that it is almost like covering a topic. I would highly recommend this test series for those who are opting for History as optional. Prepare in advance with experts and save ur time and money."

      -- shardool-kunwar, Quality material and equally good evaluation by experts in affordable price.

    • "Mapping was the most confusing part in history optional. This course fulfill all the requirements of history optional students. Thanks very Much Abhijeet sir and Vikas sir."

      -- Vipul Khana, One stop solution for Mapping problem of History optional.

    • "Map work and smart preparation are key to success with History optional since the syllabus is vast compared to other optionals. After three unsuccessful mains with history optional I finally understood the problem in my preparation strategy through this course. Both Vikas and Abhijeeet has put in a lot of effort to design this course within a short period of time. I thank them for this initiative."

      -- ARUN PAUL, Great initiative in History Optional

    • "Looking forward to more such courses by Vikas and Abhijeet sir."

      -- Sarthak Sourav, Nice Content,worth every penny.

    • "Much helpful for map sections as well as for whole history optional in general. Its a kind of crash course which brushes up almost every imp topics in syllabus with great clarity and required depth. Mentors are very helpful with respect to personal guidance as well. One can approach them for not only doubts related to history optional but also for other areas (e.g GS, Prelims etc) of preparation as well."

      -- Vivek, Very Helpful

    • "Good methodology which integrates map preparation with theory part"

      -- balu, QIP MAP

    • "Both the teachers have worked quite hard to formulate this course. Classes are quote elaborate and meeting all the requirements as regards to History optional. Also, the faculties are keen to help in all the aspects of the exam., which is nothing sort of a bonus."

      -- Shivam, Nothing less than a personal guidance programme .

    • "Monopoly will be broken in History optional by this nice initiative. The orientation class proves that both Vikas and Abhijeet Sir will put in a sincere effort. Their repeated good performance in History optional is a testimony to their hard working spirit."

      -- Digvijay, A great initiative

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