UPSC Mock Test for UPSC Prelims 2019

UPSC Prelims Mock Test and Previous Year UPSC Practice Questions

With 2019 Prelims just around the corner, this is the right time to take mock tests. The more you practice, the better you score in UPSC Prelims exam.

To help your IAS Prelims preparation, we at NeoStencil are providing you with Six free mock tests along with 4 UPSC previous years' question papers to improve your Prelims marks.

Since this mock test is conducted online, you will get instant results and marks. Based on your performance, you can assess and check where you are committing your mistakes. Once you identify where you went wrong, try to remember and never repeat such mistakes on the D-day, UPSC Prelims.

NeoStencil UPSC Prelims 2019 Mock Test

UPSC IAS Prelims Free Open Mock Test

This course provides six comprehensive full length mock tests which covers the complete prelims syllabus of UPSC 2019 Prelims Exam.

UPSC Prelims 2019 Mock Test Highlights

Ranking: All India Ranking Board will be provided on the completion of each Mock test to assess your performance vis a vis your peers.

Detailed Solutions: For all the questions provided in mock papers, there are solutions with explanatory notes that will help you understand your knowledge gap.

High Quality Questions: High-quality questions developed by UPSC subject experts, the question papers are balanced with due coverage of all the section of UPSC Syllabus.

Analysis: Subject wise analysis of tests paper to understand the strength and weekness in different sections.

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UPSC Prelims 2019 Free Open Mock Test Schedule

S. No Mock Tests Test Date
1. UPSC Prelims Free Mock Test 1 27-March-2019
2. UPSC Prelims Free Mock Test 2 7-April-2019
3. UPSC Prelims Free Mock Test 3 21-April-2019
4. UPSC Prelims Free Mock Test 4 5-May-2019
5. UPSC Prelims Free Mock Test 5 19-May-2019
6. UPSC Prelims Free Mock Test 6 26-May-2019

Practice UPSC Previous years Prelims GS 1 Papers (2014-2018)

Note: To access the online test papers, you would need to register yourself on NeoStencil Online Test Platform to take the Mock test and UPSC Previous year Question Papers.

Last 3 Years UPSC Cut off Marks

Check whether you are able to cross the cut off with ease through our UPSC previous year question papers to assess your Prelims Preparation.

Category 2017 Cut off 2016 Cut off 2015 Cut off
General 105.34 116 107.34
OBC 102.66 110.66 106
SC 88.66 99.34 94
ST 88.66 96 91.34
PH 1 85.34 75.34 90.66
PH 2 61.34 72.66 76.66
PH 3 40.00 40 40

FAQs about Free Mock test and UPSC Practice Question Papers

1. Why take mock test and solve UPSC previous year question papers?

By practicing previous year question papers you will come to know the nature of questions asked by UPSC in the last 3 years and understand the trend of exams. Further, at times UPSC asks few questions from last 3-4 years which may help you in this years examination.
Mock tests are important because they cover the major current affairs of last 1 year and also assess your conceptual understanding of all the subjects.

2. Do mock tests cover the entire syllabus?

The mock test covers all the topics for the exam and also covers the important current issues from the UPSC prelims perspective. The mock test questions will provide you the real UPSC like atmosphere.

3. How do I take the mock test and Previous year question papers?

You need to sign-up on our test platform to access the Mock test and UPSC previous year question papers.
Note: If you already registered in our test platform, you can sign in directly to access the tests

4. Do I need pay for the Mock test and UPSC previous year papers?

No. The tests are absolutely free
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