Run-up to UPSC Prelims 2018: Daily MCQs


We have come to an end of 'Run-up to Prelims' initiative and are extremely glad that more than 15000 aspirants benefitted from this initiative of ours.

But hey! That's not all. To ensure that you hit that final nail, we bring to you 2 full-length mock tests + 3 previous years UPSC papers. These tests would ensure that you are absolutely and finally ready to rock UPSC Prelims 2018!

All the best!

Prelims 2018 Daily MCQs: 50 Days

Success in UPSC Prelims is hinged on two important factors, Knowledge and Practice. Most of the students keep reading the subjects to improve their knowledge base but ignore the practice aspect and it costs them dearly in the exam.

To help you practice and boost your confidence for the Prelims exam, we at NeoStencil have started Run-up to UPSC Prelims 2018: Daily MCQs.

Questions will be updated by 11:00 am every day. For today's questions, Click Here

Answers will be updated by 5:00 pm the following day.



26 March


02 April


09 April

Science and TechSci. & Tech

Starts 16 April


Starts 23 April


Starts 30 April

Art & Culture

Art & Culture

Starts 07 May


Starts 14 May

For a detailed plan of each subject click on the subject Icon


What is the initiative all about?

In this initiative, we will provide 15 questions daily over a period of 50 days. The questions will be a mix of Static (10 MCQs) and Current Affairs (5 MCQs)

The questions have been designed based on the UPSC CSE Prelims pattern so as to give you a feel of the actual exam questions.

Ample questions 750 questions in 50 days equivalent to 8 mock test2Full lenght mock test at the end1

We will concentrate on one subject for a week and then move on to other subjects, thereby providing a comprehensive preparation for all the subjects. Every day there will also be questions from current affairs section to ensure thorough coverage of current affairs for the year.

A detailed solution of all the questions will be provided next day to help you analyze and learn from your mistakes. Our aim is to help you build your confidence and perform to the best of your abilities in the CSE Prelims, 2018 exam.

How does it benefit you?

Complete coverage to UPSC CSE Prelims Syllabus (1)


How to answer?

  1. Click on the subject icon to visit the subject page.
  2. The Subject page will contain questions for the particular subject. Example If you click on 'Polity' icon all question from the polity section will be available on that page.
  3. In the comment section:

  • Be sure to mention the date first. 
  • Mention question number followed by option.


  • Date: 26/03/2018
  • Answer: 1 a, 2c, 3d, 4a, 5c, 6d, 7a, 8c, 9b, 10c, 11b, 12d, 13a, 14b, 15d.

Detailed Plan for Run-Up To UPSC Prelims 2018: Daily MCQs

Day 1 - 3/26/2018PolityHistorical Background, Making of the Constitution and Salient features of the constitution
Day 2 - 3/27/2018Preamble, Union and its teritories and Citizenship
Day 3 - 3/28/2018Fundamental Rights, DPSP and Fundamental Duties
Day 4 - 3/29/2018Amendment, Parlimentary and Federal system, Centre-State and Inter-state relation, Emergency
For complete plan, download the PDF file.

Download Detailed Syllabus



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