UPSC Newspaper Reading for IAS Exam

UPSC Newspaper Reading:

UPSC Newspaper reading is the heart and soul of UPSC IAS preparation. Because UPSC checks the candidate s ability to understand and analyze issues and problems happening around him or her and this particular skill (UPSC Newspaper Reading) is tested in all three stages of UPSC IAS exam.

When a student begins IAS preparation with serious IAS Newspaper reading, he or she has numerous questions on IAS newspaper reading.

  • What newspaper to read?
  • What are all the news need to be covered?
  • What news to be omitted?
  • What is the difference between news and news analysis?
  • Why it important to take newspaper notes?
  • How much time should I spend on newspaper reading?

For Civil Services Newspaper Reading, what newspaper to read?

Candidates need to read national dailies like The Hindu, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, The Times of India, etc and try to avoid regional/local newspaper.

Recommended Newspaper reading for IAS preparation: The Hindu and Indian Express are the two most recommended papers for IAS newspaper reading.

For economic news, Economic Times and Business standard newspapers are recommended for civil services newspaper reading by IAS preparing Aspirants.

What are all news need to be covered?

While reading newspaper many aspirants don't know what news to read and focus on and what news can be avoided or overlooked?

Candidates should read all news related to national importance like new scheme introduced by the government, Bills and Acts, Supreme Court judgments on the constitution, education-related news, Social welfare etc.

While reading the newspaper for IAS, try to remember and recall the keywords and topics mentioned in the General Studies Mains syllabus. Civil Servicesnewspaper reading improves with time.

What news to be omitted?

Students are advised to omit news related to politics, business promotion and paid news in the national daily for IAS exam preparation. Usually, UPSC doesn t ask any questions related to politics. So, better avoid.

If the candidate has an interest in reading politics, then it is ok to read politics news also.

What is the difference between news and news analysis?

All newspaper consists of news reporting on various columns like National news, International (World) news, State News, Sports news, Business news etc. National daily newspapers have an Editorial section, in that section experts analyze the news and give some more insights about the news for better understanding.

Students should read both news and news analysis (Editorial) for UPSC IAS exam preparation.

Why it important to take newspaper notes for IAS preparation?

It is very important to take notes of the newspaper because UPSC IAS preparation is more than a yearlong preparation and students won t able to recall and revise the current affairs topic unless they have made their own newspaper notes daily.

It is recommended to students to make a habit of daily newspaper note making.

How much time should I spend on newspaper reading?

During initial days of preparation of UPSC newspaper reading, students will read more news and consume a lot of time in newspaper reading. But it is advised not to spend too much time on newspaper reading. Because in UPSC preparation students need to read other books and materials on daily basis.

So, students can read the newspaper for maximum 1 hour, recommended to complete within 45 minutes.

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