Geography Answer Writing Practice for IAS Mains

90 Days Answer Writing for Geography

The idea is simple:

1. Prepare that week's concept

2. Write your answers(Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

3. Receive expert's feedback

4. Go through model answers (Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

5. Repeat next week

Download Geography Answer Writing Compilation PDF's

2020 Geography Paper 1 Geography Paper 2

2019 Geography Paper 1 Geography Paper 2

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Model Answer will be uploaded next day on the question page.

The 90 days answer writing initiative will help Geography optional aspirants master their optional subject and excel in the UPSC Mains 2020.

The paper I of Geography covers the general aspect of physical and human geography. Paper II covers Indian physiography, Indian aspect of human geography and contemporary issues.

In these 90 days, the syllabus for Geography optional will be comprehensively covered. The Syllabus is divided into weekly modules and the questions will be asked from the module syllabus for that week.


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What you'd achieve?
  • Develop Answer Writing Skills for Geography Optional
  • Learn the Trend of UPSC Mains for Last Five Years
  • Overcome Your Doubts by discussions with Peers
  • Master Geography optional


Weekly Syllabus

Week Paper Syllabus
Week 1 Paper 1 1. Geomorphology
Week 2 Paper 2 1. Physical Setting2. Resources
Week 3 Paper 1 2. Climatology
Week 4 Paper 2 3. Agriculture
Week 5 Paper 1 3. Oceanography4. Biogeography
Week 6 Paper 2 4. Industry5. Transport, Communication and Trade
Week 7 Paper 1 5. Environmental Geograpy6. Perspectives in Human Geography
Week 8 Paper 2 6. Cultural Setting7. Settlements
Week 9 Paper 1 7. Economic Geography8. Population and Settlement Geography
Week 10 Paper 2 8. Regional Development and Planning9. Political Aspects
Week 11 Paper 1 9. Regional Planning10. Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography
Week 12 Paper 2 10. Contemporary Issues




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