UPSC Exam: Successful vs Unsuccessful aspirants

A huge number of candidates appear for the UPSC every year. Each one of them has a single dream during the UPSC exam preparation which they silently cherish Becoming an IAS officer. Alas, only a few of them can taste success even though many of them may be under the same coaching center providing guidance and preparation tips for UPSC, reading the same guides or in some cases, under the same mentor. What causes the difference? There are many differentiators which come in the journey of the IAS aspirant which finally determines who fails to make it in the end and who becomes the ultimate winner. Let s delve deep into these success differentiators in the following discussion.


There is a famous proverb which says Inconsistency is the only thing in which man is always consistent. This holds good in everyone s life. However hard we try we all fall into the inconsistency trap and fail to follow the timetable we set early when we set off on the journey. While this is a common trait in a man, the ones with strong willpower will not allow themselves to deviate from the track and will consciously pour in all efforts to be on schedule.

You may have a brilliant understanding of topics but if you are not able to focus and keep accepting different strategy tips for UPSC every now and then from different sources, you may never be able to achieve your aim leading to confusion and wastage of precious time and energy.


After you start studying, you will come across real-life hurdles and you will find yourself literally struggling to be on the right path. There will be many distractions coming your way but only the candidates with proper self-control can keep distractions away and focus on the ultimate mission.

You will need to concentrate all your energies on your work else merely spending hours at the table will turn fruitless. You will also realize that in order to fulfill your dream, many of your old habits will need to be modified, your interests will need to be done away with and you will have to sacrifice small joys at the altar of the bigger goal.

Pause and analyze

Are you the one whose motive is to only follow a timetable and slog for hours and hours every day? Experts believe that regular analysis of your progress is required along with the right amount of hard work. Only when you are unable to gauge where you stand at that moment, will you be able to measure the amount of effort needed by you in the UPSC exam preparation going forward. Also, some candidates are unable to take a break from their daily routine.

A break is necessary for you to relax and rejuvenate yourself so that your mind is fresh when you sit for studies the next day. The type of break candidates like to take will differ but a break is nonetheless essential. Make it a point to indulge yourself in some soothing music or light reading at the end of the day to help de-stress yourself. What you choose depends on what helps you to relax most.

Insufficient practice

Coming to the method of study different candidates follow, it is observed that successful candidates often resort to regular sharpening of the saw which means revisiting earlier topics and testing their own understanding on the topics, constantly honing their writing skills and measuring it against similar past exercises to look for improvements, taking regular mocks to test their overall progress and taking strategy tips from IAS toppers to overcome common difficulties.

In order to stand apart from the herd, you have to think of ingenious ways to keep improving the UPSC exam preparation from time to time. In addition to study skills, a successful candidate will strive to keep his health and mind in the right order the deterioration of which is detrimental to the progress of the candidate.

The right mindset

Nobody other than you can help yourself to achieve the ultimate objective. So, it important that you set the right attitude at the very outset and do not let de-motivation settle in during your journey.

Among the large multitude of people attempting UPSC exam every year, only a handful of them is really serious about realizing their objective or are truly motivated to achieve the seemingly impossible dream. If these guys also put in the right amount of hard work, perseverance and sacrifice, no one can stop them from reaching the glorious end.

The right guidance from successful candidates and a mentor who can strongly support you till the end can help you to remain motivated and clear any doubts you may have during the UPSC exam preparation.

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