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NeoStencil is a unique platform for UPSC Civil Service exam preparation where you can access live classrooms of the best teachers in India, from the comfort of your home. NeoStencil offers online UPSC Coaching with expert guidance for Civil Services exams so that you can excel in your preparation without facing the hassle of relocating to another city to get the best coaching.

NeoStencil provides complete study material list, solved papers, test series etc., to ensure that your preparation for UPSC exams is perfect. More than that, we bring only the best teachers to you. Whether mobile or online, classes in IAS coaching are taught in a manner that allows you to understand and retain the knowledge you need for a top AIR score.

NeoStencil has a variety of courses, ranging from General Studies (GS) foundation courses to all major Optional Subject courses such as Public Administration, Philosophy, Geography, Political Science etc. We also cover editorial discussions and test series. Further, we have specialized module courses covering particular sections of a few subjects.

Salient Features of NeoStencil

  • India's best teachers - We partner only with the top teachers and institutes, having an unparalleled track record of producing the best results in UPSC exams
  • 150+ courses - Now pick a course which best suits your UPSC preparation and ace your exam
  • Same pricing - The prices of the online courses are the same as it is for the offline UPSC coaching. Price range varies from 0 to Rs 1,05,500. Also, we have modules available for Public Administration, General Studies & Geography full-length courses, which solves the problem of students having doubts in a particular topic rather than an entire subject
  • Unlimited access - Courses once bought can be watched any number of times till the validity of the course, so you can study for your exam anytime
  • LIVE and recorded lectures - Courses can be watched either LIVE or in recorded form at a later time. Now you don't have to worry about relocating or leaving your job for UPSC preparation - prepare at your convenience
  • Comprehensive preparation - We provide latest study material, solved papers, test series etc. to perfectly supplement your preparation so that all your needs are met at a single platform
  • Free preparation - Stay up to date with free preparation tools like detailed current affairs analysis, GK, news, topper's notes etc.
  • Expert Counselling - Get free counselling by UPSC experts and interact with toppers through seminars to get a better insight into UPSC preparation. We ensure that you always be on the right track during preparation

The specifics of different courses can be explored in the courses section.

UPSC Courses at NeoStencil

NeoStencil is India's best platform for online UPSC coaching, providing Live online lectures for 150+ courses to more than 11 Lakh students by the best teachers in India. A brief overview of the variety of courses offered by NeoStencil is as under

Comprehensive GS Prelims-cum-Mains Courses

  • General Studies Full Course by Pavan Kumar IAS for UPSC Pre Cum Mains 2018
  • General Studies Foundation Course by Lukmaan IAS For UPSC Pre Cum Mains 2018

General Studies Courses

GS Paper 1
GS Paper 2
GS Paper 3
GS Paper 4

Current Affairs Courses

Optional Subjects Courses

Public Administration
Political Science



Telegu Literature

Urdu Literature


Test Series

Optional Subjects
General Studies

Schedule of Courses at NeoStencil

NeoStencil offers courses for both General Studies and Optional subjects pertaining to UPSC Civil Services exam. The tentative schedule of our courses is as under

  • General Studies for Prelims cum Mains Foundation - May/June
  • Optional Subjects - May, August, November
  • Prelims Test Series - November/December
  • Mains Test Series - November/December and June/July

Course Price Range

NeoStencil has a very vast array of courses covering every aspect of UPSC preparation to ensure maximised results. We have courses whose prices range from 0 to Rs. 1,05,000.

Note that this range includes very comprehensive courses covering significant aspects of UPSC preparation (e.g. General Studies Foundation Course + Test Series by Lukmaan IAS), and also Module Courses covering specific portions (e.g. General Studies, Geography Optional, Public Administration Optional).

Some of our Top Teachers / Institute Partners

Coaching helps in IAS preparation in the following ways

1. Understand the form of UPSC examination easily

Aspirants may not be fully aware of the pattern and scheme of IAS examinations. Civil Service coaching institutes help the candidate understand the form, pattern and time frame within which they need to prepare for the exam.

2. Clarity about the syllabus

The technique of preparation for this examination is very different from the regular course preparation. The syllabus for IAS examination is very vast, and it is important to be well versed with everything in order to excel. Aspirants should be crystal clear on which topics to lay more focus on and which topics are to be least concerned with. Otherwise, the candidate will be lost in the ocean of syllabus for the exam.

3. Updated study material

The syllabus is updated from time to time, which means that the candidates need to use the latest study material based on the examination pattern. The team of experts at IAS coaching institutes prepare high-quality study material based on the exam pattern which can be referred by the candidates for preparation.

4. Tips and tricks for cracking IAS exam

Candidates are given tips and quick techniques to solve the questions in an examination. IAS training centres also teach time management which helps the candidates prepare efficiently for the exam. Smart teaching practices and hacks make the candidate's preparation smooth and engaging.

5. Guidance by experts including ex-IAS officers

Well-known coaching institutes have retired IAS officers who act as mentors for the students. They deliver lectures and also share tips about the examination in addition to guiding the candidates in every manner possible.

6. Instigate reading and writing practice

UPSC coaching institutes have a scheme for preparation which includes upgrading of candidate s reading and writing skills. Candidates are expected to read the newspaper daily and discuss it in the class.

7. Everything at one place

Civil Service coaching institutes act as a hub of information for preparing for IAS exam. Candidates are provided with all the reading and writing skills at one place, like quality study material, sessions by experts, tips and tricks to crack examination, time management using previous year question papers etc. to ensure their preparation is up to the mark.

Changing Trends in UPSC Coaching

Civil Service coaching has undergone a drastic change over the past few years. Earlier, there were a limited number of coaching centres and classes. There was limited access to the study material as well. Increased penetration and widespread usage of the Internet across the country gave rise to easy access to information and allowed the aspirants to study from the comfort of their home. Nowadays, aspirants do not need to relocate to a coaching hub or run around the city looking for the ideal coaching classes.

UPSC Coaching classes are present across the nation, but it is difficult to pick one of the many options available. The first step in making your choice is speaking to the successful aspirants who have taken coaching. Next is to verify the track record of the Institute and also the faculty. Lastly, see if there are retired IAS officers mentoring the students. Once you gather the necessary information, you will be able to make your choice wisely. Coaching will help you prepare for the examination in every manner; hence it is one of the most important decisions you will have to make.


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