UPSC Prelims Answer Key 2020: Check IAS Answer Key 2020

UPSC IAS Prelims Answer Key 2020 released for all sets (Set A, Set B, Set C, and Set D) in association with top coaching institutes. Candidates can check the answer key and also download the IAS answer key 2020 PDF provided below.

Brief analysis: The IAS prelims question paper 2020 was a bit tougher, as we all expected simpler questions because of the COVID pandemic. Most of the questions are conceptual, especially Polity and Economy questions. A detailed analysis will be updated later.

UPSC Prelims Answer Key 2020: Download PDF

Answer Key table for the UPSC IAS exam held on October 4, 2020.

Question Paper

All Sets

GS paper 1

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GS Paper 2 - CSAT

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UPSC Prelims Answer Key 2020: GS 1 (All Sets)

No. of Question Set A Set B Set C Set D
1 B D C B
2 B D D A
3 D C B C
4 D D B A
5 B A C A
6 D A D D
7 D C A A
8 D D B A
9 A D C D
10 C D C D
11 B C B D
12 A D A A
13 D B A C
14 A D A B
15 D D A A
16 D C A B
17 D D A A
18 D B D C
19 D C C D
20 C D D C
21 B B B B
22 B A A A
23 A D C A
24 C A A A
25 C D A A
26 A D D A
27 B D A A
28 A D A D
29 A D D C
30 A C D B
31 C B B D
32 D B A A
33 B D C D
34 D D B B
35 D B A C
36 C D B B
37 D D A B
38 B D C C
39 C A D B
40 D C C C
41 D B B C
42 D B D D
43 C A A B
44 D C D B
45 A C B C
46 A A C D
47 C B B A
48 D A B B
49 D A C C
50 D A B C
51 B C D B
52 D D D B
53 A B C D
54 D B D D
55 B C A B
56 C D A D
57 B A C D
58 B B D D
59 C C D A
60 B C D C
61 D B C B
62 A A D B
63 C A B A
64 B A D C
65 A A D C
66 B A C A
67 A A D B
68 C D B A
69 D C C A
70 C D D A
71 B C B B
72 A A B A
73 C C A D
74 A B C A
75 A A C D
76 D B A D
77 A A B D
78 A C A D
79 D D A D
80 D C A C
81 B B B D
82 A D A D
83 A A D C
84 A D A D
85 A B D A
86 A C D A
87 A B D C
88 D B D D
89 C C D D
90 D B C D
91 C B B C
92 D A B D
93 B C D B
94 B A D D
95 C A B D
96 B D D C
97 B A D D
98 B A D B
99 D D A C
100 C D C D

Instructions to download UPSC Answer Key 2020

  • Each set of question booklet is provided
  • Candidates can click the link to the set of UPSC answer key
  • The correct answer pdf file will open
  • Applicants can download the UPSC answer key

UPSC Prelims Cutoff of Previous Years


2020 Expected Cut off

2019 Cut off 

2018 Cut off

2017 Cut off

2016 Cut off

2015 Cut off

2014 Cut off










93 95.34







85 82.00







82 77.34






PH 1

- -






PH 2

- -






PH 3

- -






About UPSC Answer Key 2020 on NeoStencil

The team of NeoStencil, an online IAS Coaching Institute, has a ready-made solution to the seeming problem. Call it the first sigh of relief, or our willingness to ease the excitement and reduce the wait of candidates, who appeared, NeoStencil, has partnered with top IAS institutes to prepare the UPSC answer key for the Prelims exam.

To build further reliability, so that the students can put all personal doubts to rest, the UPSC answer key released by NeoStencil includes the sources and reference links. This way millions can double-check the answers and know the origin of the questions asked by UPSC.

UPSC Answer Key 2020 (Prelims) - Important Points

  • UPSC prelims answer key is prepared by NeoStencil with the help of Top IAS coaching institutes in Delhi.
  • For each question, answers are given with source and reference links to attain accuracy.
  • UPSC Answer key is helpful for students to determine the expected marks on each section of the paper and based on which, they can start their preparation for the next level of the IAS exam.

UPSC does not use the terminology cut-off marks in their press releases; instead, they mention minimum qualifying marks. The minimum qualifying limit is determined based on the score of the preceding year IAS exam for each category. Say for example: if there are 400 vacancies in the general category, then the mark of the 400th general candidate's marks will become the cut-off marks of the general category. So, there is no workable methodology or statistics to calculate the cut-off marks.

The minimum UPSC Cut off for each level of examination i.e., Prelims, Mains, and Final selection are released by UPSC after the final recommendation list. But students, who appeared for the prelims exam, will be eagerly waiting whether they are eligible or not for the mains examination. To offer help, many institutes predict the expected cut off marks based on their experience and careful analysis.

How to Evaluate the UPSC IAS Prelims Score?

It is important to know the exam-scoring pattern before you download the UPSC answer key.

  • A preliminary exam has two papers- General Studies (GS) paper I and paper II or CSAT. Each paper is of 200 marks.
  • General Studies Paper I include 100 questions. Each question has 2 marks and 0.66 marks are deducted for every wrong answer.
  • GS or CSAT paper II has 80 questions. Each question has 2.5 marks and 0.85 marks are deducted for every wrong answer.
  • GS Paper 2 (CSAT) is of qualifying nature. Students need to get 67 marks out of 200 to qualify for this paper. (Note: Cut off is calculated based on students marks on GS Paper 1 alone)
  • Total Mark of Prelims = 400

Importance of UPSC Answer Key 2020

  • Candidates have early and easy access to the online UPSC answer key.
  • The UPSC answer key is available for the complete set of question papers.
  • It is a credible source including the correct options of 180 objective questions of UPSC IAS prelims and providing the links and references to properly evaluate every answer.

UPSC Cut off 2020 Prediction

NeoStencil help is only a click away. Students can download the online UPSC answer key. This aside, a NeoStencil web login also means that prelims candidates can find the predicted cut-off marks-level for the current year. Our predictive score is based on the analysis in consultation with some of the Top IAS teachers, who NeoStencil has partnered with.

There is a careful and methodical approach towards leading the students to the expected cut-off marks. It is our responsibility to predict the cut-off marks only after considering the question paper toughness, many vacancies, the trend of cut off marks over the last few years, and finally, based on the comprehensive feedback from students across India.

 UPSC Result 2020

The candidates screened after the Prelims undergo the Mains exam which is subjective. UPSC Mains exam is considered as the mother of all exams in India since it is highly competitive in nature. In the Mains exam, candidates need to write 9 papers, in those two papers (English and Language) are qualifying papers. Merit for shortlisting candidates for interview is done based on marks secured in 7 papers for 1750 marks.

UPSC declares IAS Prelims Result within 2 months of the exam. The candidates shortlisted after the Mains exam will be eligible for the UPSC Civil Services personality test, which is the last and final phase of the Civil Services Exam.

UPSC declares the final recommended list of candidates for the various posts listed in Civil Services notification based on marks secured by candidates in Mains written exam and Interview score.

FAQs related to UPSC Answer Key 2020 

Q. Does the UPSC release answer key?

A. Yes! UPSC releases the official answer key on its website. The IAS prelims answer key will be released by UPSC after the declaration of the Final result. Candidates can check the official answer key on the UPSC website.

Q. What will be the cutoff for UPSC Prelims 2020?

A. The cut off of UPSC prelims 2020 is expected to be General - 95, OBC - 93, SC - 85, ST - 82. The cut off marks for the UPSC prelims 2019 was General - 98, OBC- 95.34, SC - 82, ST - 77.34.

Q. How many questions are there in UPSC Prelims?

A. In the UPSC prelims exam, there are a total of 180 MCQs. In Paper 1 there are 100 questions and in Paper 2 (CSAT) 80 questions.

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