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    Vikash Ranjan (Triumph IAS)

    Educator, Mentor & Author

    Mr. Vikash Ranjan has emerged as a versatile genius in Teaching and Writing books on Sociology & General Studies. His Sociological Themes and Perspectives are excellent. His teaching aptitude is Simple, Easy and Exam Focused. Under his Expert Guidance, many students have achieved success in civil services. In the Civil Service Exam 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 2014, 2015 ,2016 & 2017 his guidance has helped many toppers to reserve their dream space in the final list. He has written and edited the good number of Books for Civil Services. To mention a few- “Fundamental of Sociology” (For CSE Mains), “Applied Sociology” (For CSE Mains), “National Issues of Social, Economic and Political Relevance”, “Survey of Health, Women and Child Development in India”, “Indian Heritage and Culture-Themes & Perspectives”.

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    Student Testimonials

    • "Vikash Ranjan Sir is one of the best teachers to guide for Answer Writing Improvement in Sociology. After dismal performance in CSE Mains 2015, I joined Vikash Ranjan Sir's Classes for Sociology Answer Writing Skill Development and Essay for IAS Course for CSE 2016 Mains. I had very positive experience. His personal one on one interactions and suggestion helped me a lot to get command over answer writing as well as improved novelty in the answers. No serious candidate serioue miss his guidance . The study material provided by him is Comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant If you study different materials you will find that materials of Vikash Ranjan Sir is far ahead in terms content quality and elaboration. Material is prepared and updated by Vikash Ranjan Sir. So the content is not only authentic but refined also. It fulfills the actual and instant need of any candidate as per the latest pattern, syllabi and structure of the examination. Thank You very much Sir."

      -- ISHAN P SINGH, IAS-2016

    • "Last two years with Vikash Sir have provided me the greatest learning experience in my life so far. Preparing for the Civils helped me to sharpen my logical and critical thinking ability in SOCIOLOGY which is very useful in life in general. A great deal of credit goes to Vikash Ranjan Sir, for whatever I have achieved. The Test Discussion lectures and One on One Interactions were always made interesting by the sociological knowledge, humble interaction and application of Concepts and Theories. Vikash Sir is extremely supportive as well. His humble nature helped me build a proper student-teacher relationship. Small batches and personalised attention helped as well. Thank you Vikash Sir!!”"

      -- TANAI SULTANIA, IAS-2016

    • "Studying at Triumph IAS under guidance of Vikash Ranjan Sir was a great experience, and played a pivotal role in my selection to Civil Services 2016. Vikash Ranjan Sir put in every possible effort. He made sure that my basics were crystal clear, and patiently cleared even the silliest of doubts in SOCIOLOGY & ESSAY and GS Mains Answer Writing, particularly for improvement in application of concepts and theories in current context. . He gave me valuable tactical advice regarding which topic to study when, from where, and gave me only the best questions to do so that I didn't waste my time doing basic questions repetitively. He understood my pattern of learning, and guided me accordingly; never forcing or pressurizing me to do copy of previous years toppers, rather always made me confident by saying that “your answer reflects novelty, You will score btter than others. I highly recommend Vikash Sir to All future Aspirants. Thank You Very Much Sir for your Guidance and Support."

      -- NAMRATA JAIN, IPS-2016

    • "I attribute my success in Civil Services Examination 2016 to Vikash Ranjan Sir. He provided ample individual attention and developed a comfortable and accommodating atmosphere inside the classroom during discussions. His one on one doubt session helped us not only in Sociology and Essay, but also in General studies. He was available 24/7, self or on telephone and didn't hesitate to clear one's doubts even at odd hours. Thank you for all the help and hard work"

      -- ANSHUL SINGH, IPS-2016

    • "I would like to convey my heartiest gratitude to VIKASH Ranjan Sir for his immense contribution towards my preparation for CSE 2016. The study material was very structured and relevant. The Test Series simulated the exam format and conditions perfectly and gave me confidence. Moreover, Vikash Ranjan Sir provided a way to keep up regular practice and application of sociological concepts and theories and interacted regularly on specific topics. He went out of their way to help all students understand fundamental concepts and took us through several well-planned and thorough practice sessions. Over one year, Vikash Ranjan Sir has guided and supported me in every way for accomplishment of my dreams. . Thank you very much sir for all your guidance and support."

      -- MANAS BAJPAI, IRS-2016

    • "Triumph IAS-Vikash Ranjan's Classes) is an ideal coaching institute for SOVIOLOGY ESSAY AND GS Mains. I have very positive and professional experience with Sir. His one and One guidance greatly helped in Improving Application orientation in my answers. The study material provided by Vikash Sir is really comprehensive and the number and kind of Tests in Answer Writing Skill Training is really worth. It leads to good practice and consequently the real exam seems just another mock. His approach is helpful. I recommend Vikash Sir's Classes to anyone who is preparing for Mains and want to score 450 + Marks in SOCIOLOGY and ESSAY."


    • "Joining Vikash Ranjan Sir for Sociology turned out be an excellent decision for me. Being extremely disappointed with classroom courses of Corporate Coachings, I joined SOCIOLOGY TEST SERIES. Going through the TEST DISCUSSIONS of VIKASH RANJAN SIR I had the best time of my life. I would go through THE EXAMPLES given by him again and again, marveling at how he interprets everything, how he makes the answers come alive with the sort of energy he gives current examples and how he breaks down things to simpler bits of information, connects them into a simple story with all sociological sense."

      -- AMBRISH RAHUL, IRS-2016

    • "Vikash Ranjan's Sir guidance turned out be an excellent decision in course of preparation for Civil Services for me. Though I had joined Vikash Sir for "SOCIOLOGY FOR IAS" his Guidance helped me greatly in Essay and GS Mains too. His application focused Approach makes things easier in sociolofy. I joined the ANSWER ARITING SKILL TRAINING batch in August last year. The best thing about Vikash Sir is that he is very invested in your success, he want you to win and win with your own excellence. I am glad that I could get his guidance during my journey of Civils preparation . I am Thankful to Vikash Sir for all support and guidace."

      -- SAHIL SARANGAL, IRS-2016

    • "I am bereft of words to thank Vikash Ranjan Sir for helping me achieve this accolade in Civil Services Examination through his guidance in SOCIOLOGY and ESSAY and GS Answer Writing. I found him always eager to help aspirants. His study material for Sociology, Applied Discussions, One on One Interaction, Doubt Clearance Sessions tremendously helped me in improvement of my score in CSE 2016. Improvement of more than 100 marks. His holistic guidance played a vital role in my success. He was very supportive and encouraging all through my preparation days. I highly recommend all future aspirants with sociology optional to go for Vikash Ranjan's Classes. Don't experiment without of Date Methods and Approach in Sociology Preparation. Follow Vikash Ranjan Sir's Applied Approach. Thank You very much for all support.."

      -- AVHAD NIVRUTI, IRS-2016

    • "I would really like to thank VIKASH RANJAN SIR for his constant support and guidance throughout our course "SOCIOLOGY FOR IAS 2016". His methods along with the content helped me in fetching good score, better than last attempt. VIKASH SIR was always available for simplifying complicated topics and clearing my doubts. Study material provided by him is also quite good. He helped in practicing all kinds of questions and preparing for anything that can be asked in mains examination. Most importantly I learned from him how to deal with dynamic and Applied questions. I recommend Vikash Sir's classes to all future aspirants."

      -- SURJIT S GAUTAM, IRS-2016

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