Train your Mind for JEE Main & JEE Advanced

JEE exams act as a ladder of success to get a person uplifted to the pinnacle of a bright career. Every year millions of students prepare for JEE exams to add an edge to their portfolio and get admitted into the top-notch institutions of the country. Engineering, when done from the premium institutes, are well recognized in the job market and to get into the premium institutes students need a good score in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

It has been observed that even after prolonged efforts and relentless attempts, some of the students fail in securing a good score in the JEE exam. It is so because the pattern of JEE examination varies a lot from the board exams. Preparing the way you do for your boards might not suffice the requirements for cracking the JEE examinations.

The first step to success lies through the mindset that you make while choosing the streams of engineering as your professions. If you are determined enough to pursue engineering domains for the rest of your life, there are certain things which you must keep in mind in order to make your decisions rational and sensible. Make up your mind and train it in a way that success becomes inevitable for you.

Get to know the real definition of success

Success has a broader meaning in literature, and the same applies in our lives too. When we say success, it does not necessarily mean to a restricted pool of people associated with a specific profession or domain. Being successful means being capable of earning your livelihood in a fair manner and to be able to register growth along the path of your profession. It is nowhere mentioned that only doctors and engineers make for a successful life. There are many real-life examples there substantiating the fact that success can be achieved doing anything in life, engineering, medical, teaching, art, photography and many more. There are instances of engineers and doctors as well in the real world who has failed to become successful over time. Hence, first, get yourself out of the burden of being successful and make success a thing to be cherished through your course of action. This mindset will help you to go near to your goals without feeling the pressure on you.

How important is a degree?

No matter which country you live in, degree always matter when it comes to judging a person based on the skill set at the very first attempt. In India, a degree from a reputed institution means a lot and carries a lot of respect. If someone wishes to know your credentials and does not have enough time to go deeper into your level of knowledge, the first impression that person makes out of you would be based on the degree you hold. Hence, grabbing an esteemed institution for a degree with due weight is must for every aspirant and if you are getting ready for the upcoming JEE Main, NEET or JEE Advanced examinations, realize the importance of these exams. Take your level of preparations to the height to ensure an excellent rank to join a premium institute.

Realize the opportunities that come with a good degree

If you manage to grab a reasonable degree from a reputed institution, you will always get priorities over others when it comes to the first rounds of selection based on resume filtering for any corporate job. The big houses tend to focus on the students from the premium institutes mostly. Moreover, your market credibility also increases with a good degree associated with your name. People tend to believe in your abilities without any doubt.

Hard work is the prerequisite

Hard work is the first and the last thing that ensures success in any attempt. No matter how intending you are to sit for an examination, if your intentions are not backed by sufficient hard work, success will remain unachieved. Hence, before you get into any strategy or method to make your preparations systematic, make sure that you are ready to do the hard work on your own or else no strategy is enough to bring you near to success. Remember that there is no short cut to success.

Train your mind for self-motivation

While working on a strict schedule, initially you might find it difficult to maintain. For the routine to be a part of your regular schedule, you need to ensure a sleep of 6 hours daily and not more. Getting up early in the morning might seem difficult for you, but in order to fetch success nearer, you have to accommodate some changes within the regular work schedules. For the first couple of days, it might feel tiring and exhaustive for you, but as time passes, the body and mind will adjust with the new schedule as well. All you need to do is to keep yourself motivated throughout the changeover phase and not let the negativity take you down from your conviction. No matter what the others say, it is from you that you always receive the best form of motivation. It is in the assimilation of discipline and will power that habits are grown. Train your mind for success and get out of the shell of the comfort zone.

Come out of the spell of the scores of board exams

When it comes to the competitive examinations, scores secured at the boards might be quite misleading. If you have achieved 95% in the boards and someone else has obtained 75%, it does not ensure your position over another in the competitive exams. Instead, the results might be reversed for the competitive exams. Hence, make sure that you come out of the spell of the scores at the boards and make new strategies, planning, and schedules required for mastering the art of scoring well in competitive exams. An aspirant of engineering studies or medical studies should always keep in mind that the nature of the examination and the skills required to score well varies by a huge margin when board exams are compared with competitive exams.

Be honest to yourself

If you have chosen the path for yourself, make sure that you stick to it in an honest way. Judge yourself on the yardstick of performance, speed, accuracy, dedication, focus, concentrations, and level of preparedness and get to know about your shortcomings, once you get to know the problems, work hard to overcome them and make things perfect. No goal can be achieved without investing efforts and for every student opting for competitive exams, it is a must to put their best to shine brightly.

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