Seven Tips to Sharpen your Mind for JEE Exams

JEE examinations are of paramount importance when it comes to deciding the flow of your engineering career that you will settle for in the long run. There are many students who prepare hard and appear for the JEE Main, and JEE advanced examinations to secure their admission in one of the top engineering colleges of the country but remain unsuccessful.

There are various aspects attached with an effective selection in JEE examinations apart from the syllabus and preparations. Your mindset for the examination is important and remains critical in determining the level of focus during the entire span of preparations.

Hence, every student should be aware of the tidbits that are not directly linked with the courses but play a significant role in determining the probabilities of success in the final exams. Here are seven aspects that every student appearing for JEE should keep in mind to score high and ensure selection in their desired college.

1. Stay away from addiction

Addiction is a broader term than we think of it. It does not necessarily refer to the ill-habits of consuming alcohol, nicotine or sedatives. Rather, if a person gets controlled by any habit, the same is regarded as an addiction, and that habit could be anything, even the simple chores that we do in everyday life. The young crowd today has an affinity towards the social media sites like FaceBook, chatting forums like WhatsApp, and many other such things that divert them from their focus and consumes a substantial part of their preparatory hours. If you wish to be successful in life and intend to score well in the JEE examinations, stay away from every habit that eats up the bandwidth of your exam preparations.

2. Bid goodbye to the laziness

Students who prepare for JEE have to go through strict schedules stretching over a long period of time on a regular basis to ensure success. Hence, laziness is the last thing that a JEE exam aspirant can afford. Even if you feel lazy at times, regain your focus and motivation to get back to your studies. There might be two reasons for feeling lazy, habit and depression. If a person is going through depression, the brain will instruct him/ her to take naps in frequent intervals to ensure recovery of the emotion. But in the course, you lose the time that is precious and cannot return. Therefore, make sure that you stay away from every reason of depression and make a positive layer in your mind to stay focused. If you are lazy by habit, prioritize your goals in life and do a vigorous mind training to convince yourself to overcome the laziness and put in your best to excel in examinations.

3. Skip Day time Napping

If you have the habit of taking a nap during the day time, you are losing on your brain efficiency. With a day time nap, the brain tends to lose the agility and efficiency over time, and if you think of a short term effect, you lose time for preparation while sleeping. Skip the habit of sleeping in the day time and invest more time in preparations to score high in the coming exams.

4. Absence of mind

Studying for hours together always does not guarantee a good score in the examinations. Most of the times, it has been observed that students sit for preparations with a less focused mind or low concentration level. It will not serve your purpose of gaining in-depth knowledge from the studies. In a way, you will be wasting your time and effort by not allocating enough attention to the studies. Make sure that the time you study, your mind gives 100% attention and you do not get diverted by any external distractions, if there is chaos nearby and you remain focused on your studies, it means you have won the battle between conditionality and concentration. Also when you go for the coaching classes or any mock tests, make sure that you carry every staff required. If you stay absent-minded, you will tend to miss on a lot of things that are critical in terms of the preparations, and as a result, you will lose your chance of success in the exams.

5. Choose your friend wisely

The companions you choose, play a critical role in determining your success in life. Make sure that you stay surrounded by positive people with a similar level of focus and concentration to help you boost your energy. If a friend of yours is not enough focused or serious about the exams, he/she might also be detrimental for your concentration level. People with a sharp focus on career, good habits, dedicated study hours and discipline are the best to be chosen as friends. For a JEE exam aspirant, anything and everything in life must be associated with the probability of success in the tests and anything that appears to be beneficial for the success in the examination must be opted for.

6. Controlled diet

It is simple biology that when the stomach is more than full, the brain tends to relax as most of the body energy gets diverted towards digesting the food. As a result, with a full stomach, we tend to feel sleepy and less energetic. As already discussed many a time that while preparing for the JEE examination, you cannot afford to feel lazy at any point of time and therefore, you should have a controlled diet. Consume more of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidant-rich food leaving the carbohydrates behind. Fruits, juices, and nuts are believed to have qualities that improve brain cell activities. A competitive exam aspirant should opt for a diet that is never heavy and yet is full of nutrients and energy giving elements.

7. Repetitive Revision

One thing that is a must and should be made a regular part of the schedule is the revision of chapters that you have already done. If you are appearing for JEE, it has a huge syllabus with plenty of topics to be remembered. The ones you prepare at the beginning of your preparation may be forgotten after a while with the new chapters and information in place. Hence, make sure that you follow up with the previous chapters as well to keep track of the entire syllabus or else, it would be difficult for you to relearn just before the exams. Moreover, repetitive practice of the same chapter or topics will make you perfect in the domain and will lend you a conceptual clarity over the matter.

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