Tips to Increase Concentration and Focus to excel in JEE Exams

Setting goals to achieve your dream is the first step towards making your dreams come true. If you have decided to settle for a life that will entitle you with success by pursuing engineering, then JEE examinations in India would determine your fate. If you have set your aim for cracking JEE Mains or JEE Advanced, make sure that you are preparing real hard as these are the top level screenings conducted across the country. If you can secure a good rank in any of them, your admission to the premium institutes of the country will remain guaranteed.

Hence, to score high and do well in the future, you need a flawless preparation which is only possible with focus and concentrations. Here is a brief guide to the importance of concentration and the ways to achieve it to excel in performance.

Importance of concentration 

While preparing for JEE examination, it has to be kept in mind that the time a student gets for the preparation is not enough to cover the vastness of the topics and yet he/she has to gain an in-depth knowledge of the same. If you cannot concentrate while studying, you lose your precious time by stretching the hours of study with the same topic over and over again.

Also, whatever you read will lend you only a superficial understanding with a low level of concentration and your chances of getting diverted also become higher making your study sessions interrupted. Hence, with low levels of concentration, your preparations are going to be incomplete and not up to the mark which, in turn, will result in poor performance in the examinations. Make sure that your concentration remains at 100% levels to guarantee flawless preparations resulting in high scores in JEE examinations.

The hurdle in concentrating

It has been a common complaint from many of the students, that even after tedious attempts, they fail to concentrate on their studies. If this is the case with you as well, think of the things that you can focus on minus any additional efforts. Do you enjoy music and remember each line of the lyrics? Do you love watching knowledge channels on the TV and remember every bit of information shared there? If yes, then you do not have issues with concentration. It is just the interest in the subject involved that makes you concentrate and remember every little detail associated with it. The power to concentrate is already there in you and is awaiting your attention to get better.

Generate interest

To concentrate on a particular subject or study, having an interest in the same is a prerequisite. If you have a passion for mathematics, you tend to spend more time practising the same allocating less time to the rest of the subjects, and this is what makes your average in JEE examinations lower. Hence, while scheduling, make sure that you equally distribute the time amongst the subjects to ensure a good rank in the final exams. Learn interesting things about the subjects you lack passion and make them interesting to you to ensure the same level of concentration which you get while doing your favourite chores. You need to remember that it is your career and your dream at the end and you are responsible for doing every bit that will bring you near to your goal.

Stay away from the negatives

Getting ready for the examination is a lengthy process, and a lot can happen in between. Make sure that you are not associated with any negative person or any form of negativity that can make you lose your focus and push you towards the darkness of depression. If you can stay positive throughout your preparatory levels, the energy level will remain high and will help you in working hard even through the uncongenial situations. It has been revealed by multiple studies that positive people tend to be more successful than the negative ones. If you think that there is something negative around you that is pulling you back from your concentrations, consciously avoid it and, make sure nothing comes in your way of getting ready for the upcoming JEE examinations that will bear the sweet fruits of success in due time for you.

Change your thought process

Concentration is largely related to the kind thinking that runs through the mind every day. If you are thinking of positive and motivating things most of the times, your concentration will remain higher. But if you start looking at the problems each time you face any difficulty, your concentration will suffer for sure. You need to keep in mind that every one of us has some problem in lives and those who succeed battle them in a positive way. Do not focus on the issues, instead, concentrate on the solutions to them. This will not only help you in solving them but will teach you to remain positive under any situation. Be it success or failure, all are a mind game, and you need to master the process of positive thinking to make your path of career smother and brighter. The way you think is the way you do and earns you the results in the end.

Fight your fear

The most common problem faced by the students while getting prepared for the JEE examination remains to be the fear of losing. If you start fearing the process, you lose the battle halfway, and your level of concentration will also deteriorate with negative thoughts dominating your conscious. Do not get influenced by what others are doing or saying. Keep faith in yourself and follow every guideline to do well and you will succeed for sure. The more you fear of not getting selected, the more you think of the alternatives, the more you get diverted from your focus. Do not let your fear win over your determination.

Stay away from Depression

If you are feeling depressed for any reason, you will lose your level of concentration inevitably. Hence, make sure that while preparing for the exams that will lay the path of success ahead for your life, you do not fall prey to depression. If you are feeling low, listen to some refreshing music, do some exercising, talk to people you love and most importantly motivate yourself and get back to your studies with a rejuvenated mind.

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