Time Management for IAS preparation

Time and Tide wait for none

In life, one can have everything, except time. So utilise it well.

Time management is essential in everyone's life, especially for students and aspirants who prepare for various competitive exams like civil services exam, engineering services exam etc.

The best way to prepare for UPSC preparation is by optimum utilisation of time and avoid wasting time for unnecessary activities.

Prioritize your study plan

While making a study plan, IAS aspirants should prioritise their study subjects. Say for example: if a student is comfortable with subjects like Science, Geography it can be scheduled for later. Students should give importance to topics which they are facing difficulty in understanding.

If a student has difficulty in understanding History subject, then he/she should study History subject first, because such difficult subjects consume more time in understanding. So try to give importance to the complicated and difficult subjects first!

Note: Subject difficulty varies for every candidate.

Achievable targets

While making study plans and setting goals, always try to set achievable and practical targets.

Say for example: If you are planning to study 15 chapters of Modern India in History. Plan one chapter for each day and set a target of 15 days and also try to give 2 to 3 days threshold. Because at times, students will miss their targets due to unavoidable circumstances (health problems, family functions, etc.). Thus, you must set realistic goals.

If students achieve their target earlier than utilise the remaining period for other subject topics.

Divide and study

Never try to read in a single go. Try to break the topics and understand each topic to understand comprehensively.

Say for example: While reading geography subject, there are 12 climatic regions of the world. So under each climatic region, the climatic condition of the region, raining pattern, agricultural aspects, economic aspects and about people in that climatic region has been explained. So try to divide each topic into subtopics and read.

Once aspirant are done with all the topics, they are advised to interlink and read comprehensively in further readings.

Avoid difficult topics

While preparing for civil services, there are different subjects with many topics under each subject. When aspirants start reading each subject, at times, they won't be able to understand certain topics and they face difficulty in understanding.

So in those situations, aspirants are advised to either omit such topics or else discuss with peers or mentors to clarify doubt on that topic. Even after discussion, students face difficulty, better avoid that topic. Because spending too much time on one particular topic is not advisable, especially while preparing for a competitive exam like civil services examination.

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Short term targets with long term vision

While preparing the study plan, students should give more importance to short term targets than setting target for 3 months or 1 year.

Say for example student can prepare a study plan for one month, in that one-month student should plan his/her daily study plan. And after each week, students should check their progress. If achieved, then ok, if not, try to reschedule the study plan accordingly.

Proper daily time table

To achieve the long vision of clearing IAS exams students should develop a proper daily study plan. It is said that Many drops make an ocean.

Students should develop a proper daily study plan with regular breaks during the preparation. So, the ideal study plan should also include some time for extracurricular activities.

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Proper usages of online medium and social media

In this digital era, students can get easily distracted by social media and other online resources. But the same medium also provides quality content and materials for IAS preparation. So students should optimally utilise time spent online.

Revision time table

There should be a proper revision time table before the exams. Students should revise at least 3 to 4 times before the exam.

The ideal time for revision is 30 to 45 days before the examination date. During this revision period student should read only topics that they have read earlier and are advised not to read any new topic at the time of revision.

Avoid wasting time spending on useless things

UPSC aspirants should always try to utilise time for productive purposes and not for unproductive activities like hanging out with friends, unwanted discussion, regularly spending time to watch movies etc. Such activities need to be avoided. So, students should try to prevent such activities during the IAS preparation to achieve the desired results.

Self-control and avoiding negative thoughts

Since IAS preparation is more than a yearlong preparation, students should develop self-control on various activities which affects their preparation.

Further, they should also avoid bringing negative thoughts at the time of preparation. Students should be in a positive frame of mind. (Note: Even if aspirants are unable to clear the exam in one or two attempts, they shouldn't lose hope, always remember in life, whatever happens, is for our good only).

Avoid postponing Stick to plans

Don t try to postpone study plan or reading. Students should stick to their plans and follow the plans accordingly. If student starts postponing one section in his/her study plan, it leads to cumulative effect, and in the end, students fail to cover the subjects comprehensively.

Caution: Always stick to plans, and under any circumstance in life, not only in IAS exam preparation, don t postpone anything. Try to complete then and there.

Reading while moving

Students should utilise precious time while travelling also. During travel time students can update their current affairs from Hindu or read Yojana magazine or can even watch online classes and videos on the move.

It is said, time is money. One who judiciously optimises his/her time becomes successful. IAS aspirants like you should develop a habit of proper time management in both personal life and in examination preparation also.

The clock is ticking

Good Luck.

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