About Venkata Mohan

Venkata Mohan is the Founder and Director of Feynman IAS. He is a renowned Sociology teacher famous for his writing approach for improving the writing skills for IAS exams. He is also the author of many books for Civil Services preparation.

Career Highlights

His Toppers in CSE 2017 include Durishetty Anudeep (AIR 1), Prudhvi Tej Immadi (AIR 24), Seelam Sai Teja ( AIR 43) and many more.
Author of 'Sociological Thought: In the Light of J. Krishnamurti’s philosophy', 'Ethical Thought- Buddha to Damasio', 'Sociological Thought' and more.

Current Status

Feynman IAS was founded by Director, Venkata Mohan. He has graduated B.Tech from IIT Madras. He is a renowned Sociology teacher and he is the author of Sociological Thought: In the Light of J. Krishnamurti’s philosophy, Ethical Thought- Buddha to Damasio and many other books.


  1. Over 15 years of teaching and nurturing aspirants.


Rakesh Reddy (AIR 219, 2014)
Rakesh Reddy (AIR 219, 2014)

For ethics paper, I attend sir’s class and make notes. He helped me a lot to approach this paper. Every time in class he questions many of our assumptions about a topic and offers various alternative ways for understanding. It helps us to think our own way at the same time see the questions in a larger perspective. Sometimes presents such alternatives may be shattering to you but they enable you to think of different dimensions. For interview, he taught to us one mantra, treat every question as a precious opportunity to reveal yourself. It is very true and help me to gain good marks in Interview. As children, we had curiosity and the sceptical attitude towards everything. But as we grew up, we lost them. Sir rekindled these things in me and this process making me a better person.

M. Dayanidhi (AIR 115, 2014)
M. Dayanidhi (AIR 115, 2014)

I took coaching from Venkata Mohan sir in Modern World, International Affairs, Ethics, General Essay and Interview. His approach is very different from the traditional way. Others teaches to you one correct answer but he teaches you to have your own answer and its helps you to think out of the box. He also teaches to interlink the topics and do not need to read much. His classes are interactive and he always enjoys dissenting views, which boosts confidence of a student as well as your own opinions. This approach helps in Interview also. Some students are little doubt or not ready to trust because he is unorthodox. Sir says we can steer the interview. It is very difficult to believe it. But I believed it and followed his approach and it’s also help me to secure a good position in Interview. Sir helps to every student to explore their self, that’s makes him a best teacher”

Rishanth Reddy (AIR 180, 2016)
Rishanth Reddy (AIR 180, 2016)

In my first UPSC interview 2014 I can score only 164 marks, then I met Venkata Mohan sir, who show the path to crack the interview. He taught to me how to defend the questions in the personality test and how to furnish my answers as well as how to draw the attention of interviewer towards me. Using Venkata Mohan sir’s approach I improved to 190 marks in 2015 and for this year it is 204 out of 275. He is best suited for those who think they have potential but feel they are not being probed in the interview

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