About Dr. Rajasekhar

Dr Rajasekhar is a renowed faculty for Civil Services preparation who teaches at Feynman IAS.

Career Highlight

Distinguished faculty for Anthropology, Science & Technology, Ecology, Environment and Biodiversity.
His Toppers in CSE 2017 include Durishetty Anudeep (AIR 1), Prudhvi Tej Immadi (AIR 24), Seelam Sai Teja ( AIR 43) and many more.

Current Status

Dr Rajasekhar is a B.Sc. Genetics from Osmania University and PhD in Biomolecular Sciences, University of Lethbridge, Canada with 15 years of teaching experience.


  1. B.Sc., Genetics from Osmania University

  2. He has done his Ph.D. on Biomolecular Sciences from University of Lethbridge


  1. Over 15 years of teaching and nurturing aspirants.

+91 95990-75552


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