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90 Days Sociology Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 12-Jan-2018

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12-Jan-2018 - Question 2

What are the reason for the escalation of violence against women in the public domain. (2017)

Model Answer

Indian Society has always revered women since ancient times in form of Saraswati, Durga, Laxmi, Kali etc. On the darker side, the patriarchal system has continued since the time of Rig Veda. Customs and values were made by men to favour men. Women suffer this discrimination in silence. Violence against women is a physical manifestation of the ideology of patriarchy which is deeply entrenched in the society.

Sylvia walby (Public Patriarchy) advocated that ideology of patriarchy has moved from private domain to public domain. The reasons for the escalation of violence against women in the public domain are as follows:

  • Modernity- tradition dichotomy: Modernity rest on the principle of equality, but traditional society treats women subordinate to men. Hence, growing presence of women in employment in public domain perceived as a threat to the supremacy of men and hence violence results to justify male domination.
  • Feminisation of Informal sector: Informal sector do not provide adequate security arrangements at workplace and do not follow laws regarding protection of violence towards of women. Increasing share of women in informal sector leads to increase in violence.
  • Low conviction rate: Improper implementation of laws made for the protection of women, delayed justice and low conviction rate removes the threat of prosecution in offenders and hence violence increase towards women.
  • Increasing penetration of technology: Use of technology and its penetration to all parts of society has led to increasing in symbolic violence over cyberspace.

However, in recent times, the government has put a lot of efforts in creating awareness regarding reporting violence. Protection of women from harassment at workplace act has been enacted to curb violence. Women empowerment along with denouncing the ideology of patriarchy is the key to provide equal space to women and curb violence against them.

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