Sociology Answer Writing Practice - Week 12 - Question 2

90 Days Sociology Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 19-Feb-2018

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19-Feb-2018 - Question 2

Discuss the problems of elderly in India. What are the different perspectives to solve their problems?(2015)

Model Answer

Ageing is a continuous, irreversible, universal process, which starts from conception till the death of an individual. However, the age at which one s productive contribution declines and one tends to be economically dependent can probably be treated as the onset of the aged stage of life. The number of elderly is set to grow three-fold from around 100 million at present to 300 million by 2050 in India. Old age is viewed as an unavoidable, undesirable and problem-ridden phase of life.

These problems may be divided under following heads:

  1. Physiological Problems: Old age is a period of physical decline. This led to various health issues in elderly.
  2. Psychological Problems: Mental disorders are very much associated with old age. General intelligence and independent creative thinking are usually affected in old age.
  3. Emotional Problem: Due to generation gap the youngsters do not pay attention to their suggestion and advice and elderly develop a feeling of deprivation.
  4. Social Problems: Their social life is narrowed down and due to loss of most of the social roles they once performed, they are likely to be lonely and isolated and feel depressed.
  5. Financial Problem: Retirement from service usually results in loss of income and the pensions that the elderly receive are usually inadequate to meet the cost of living.

In spite of the government s and NGO s efforts in rehabilitating the aged in India, they are still the most vulnerable group facing multiple problems and hence require proper care and attention. Different perspectives to solve problems of elderly people are:

  • Efforts should be made to strengthen the family care because the preferred source of support for the aged is still the family - informal system where the notion of care is embedded within a tradition of social obligations that are understood and reciprocated.
  • Traditional values of filial obligations can also be reinforced in school curricula and through the media.
  • The Institutional care must be able to enhance relationships within families that incorporate both young and old persons. There is a need for effective legislation for parents right to be cared for by the children.
  • The existing health care systems are not sufficient to meet the physical and health needs of the ageing population such as old age security, establishing old age homes, expanding geriatric services and liberalizing the welfare policy for older persons. It is necessary to increase public awareness of the need for protection of this sub group.
  • There is also need for the elderly to remain active, to know that they still have a part to play in the family or community to whom they belong and can make a useful co contribution to nation and society as a whole.
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