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90 Days Sociology Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 06-Dec-2017

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06-Dec-2017 - Question 1

Discuss the changing equation of discipline of sociology with other social sciences. (2017)

Model Answer

When a new discipline develops, it becomes a matter of paramount importance to define its subject matter and its relationships with another discipline so that the emergent discipline can be distinguished from other disciplines. In the early phases, Psychology and Philosophy claimed to have occupied the area (subject matter) which was sought by Sociology as its subject matter.

Early social scientists like Emile Durkheim advocated Social fact as the subject matter of Sociology. He argued that Social facts are to be treated as things and external to human beings to differentiate between Psychology and Philosophy. Scholars like Auguste Compte, Spencer etc advocated the use of positive science in sociology and treating it as a Nomothetic discipline to differentiate itself from other social sciences which are Idiographic in nature.Early sociologists believed that subject matter, methodology, conclusion, and theories.

The gap between Sociology and other social sciences was bridged by interpretive scholars like Dilthey and Max Weber who tried to establish the balance between Nomothetic and Idiographic approach is Sociology. Weber s Ideal Type manifested inter-disciplinary approach in the formulation of tenets of the ideal type which were used in the sociological analysis.

Sociology now exchanges methodology, subject matter, theories and opt for an inter-disciplinary approach. Political sociology today is not limited to state and form of government rather study of voting behavior, the participation of female in politics signify the coherence of Political science and Sociology. Sociology is rootless without history and History is useless without Sociology as history provides data on which sociological imagination is based. for ex-data on Arunta tribe led to study of Religion by Durkheim. In turn subaltern approach in history is the contribution of sociological theories. Welfare economics is a case of the meeting point of economics and sociology. Similarly, Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology etc are borrowing ideas from sociology and contribute to the sociological analysis.

Hence it can be advocated that Sociology which strived to become as an independent discipline by differentiating itself from other social sciences in its infancy, now in its mature stage is coming close to other disciplines for advancement of human knowledge respecting to all possible aspects of man s life, be it economical, political, cultural or social.

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