Sociology Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 8 - Question 5

90 Days Sociology Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 04-Jan-2019

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04-Jan-2019 - Question 1

Write a short note on law and social change.(2009)(150 words)

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Model Answer

Recent studies conducted by various sociologists on legal transformation in India indicate that law contributes for social change and society also contributes for legal transformation. Society provides an ideological vision for the formulation of law and law provides guideline to direct:

-Individual behaviour

-Functioning of institutions

-Protection of rights, liberty and prosperity of individuals

-Minimisation of pathological trends in society

Law vis a vis social change can be understood with following examples-

a)Since 1990s, reforms in laws are corresponding with changing nature of Indian society. After the famous judgement of Shah Bano case and subsequent Danial Latifi case, Muslim women are now entitled to receive maintenance grants over and above the Iddat money.

b)After Mathura rape incident, changes have been brought in the Evidence Act .

c)Amendments have been made in the Sati Prevention Act under which the audience present when a woman is practicing sati could be accused of abetting a person to commit suicide.

d)Right to life carries the right to clean and healthy environment.

e)Right to Information Act has played a significant role in bringing change in the culture of governance.

In contemporary India because of people’s mobilisation, protection of human rights, introduction of green laws, electoral reforms, administrative and police reforms etc are largely speaking about Indian society bringing  legal transformation under the pressure of environmentalists, feminists and so on.

However, ‘law’ does not guarantee social change. Various acts such as Bonded Labour Abolition Act, Dowry Prohibition Act, Child Labour Abolition Act etc though introduced in India since long time ago still one finds out that such practices are embedded in Indian social life. In India, personal life of people is directed more by customs whereas public life is directed by laws. Equality and justice would be ensured when all the people have appropriate knowledge about laws and appropriate institutions are there for the enforcement of laws concerned with protection of various rights of the people.

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