Sociology Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 7 - Question 6

90 Days Sociology Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 28-Dec-2018

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28-Dec-2018 - Question 2

Human relations school of Thought by Elton Mayo as a social organisation of work process in industry.(2010((250 words)

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Model Answer

Research carried out by Elton Mayo at the General Electric Company in Chicago concluded that group relationships and management –worker communication were far more important in determining employee behaviour than physical conditions (e.g. lighting and noise) and the working practices imposed by management. Also, wage levels were not the dominant motivating factor for most workers.

In many respects this work paved the way for the volume of research that followed, looking at employee behaviour, motivation and so on. Further research established the following propositions of the human relations school.

-Employee behaviour depends primarily on the social and organizational circumstances of work.

-Leadership style, group cohesion and job satisfaction are the major determinants of the outputs of the working group.

-Employees work better if they are given a wide range of tasks to complete.

-Standards set internally by a working group influence employee attitudes and perspectives more than standards set by management.

-Individual workers cannot be treated in isolation but must be seen as members of a group.

-Monetary incentives and good working conditions are less important to the individual than the need to belong to a group.

-Informal or unofficial groups formed at work have a strong influence on the behaviour of those workers in a group.

-Managers must be aware of these ‘social needs’ and address them to ensure that employees collaborate with the official organization rather than working against it.

The school explicitly recognised the role of interpersonal relations in determining workplace behaviour and it demonstrated that factors other than pay can motivate workers.However, the approach possibly overestimates the commitment, motivation and desire to participate in decision making of many employees.

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