Sociology Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 2 - Question 4

90 Days Sociology Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 19-Nov-2018

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19-Nov-2018 - Question 2

"Analyze A. R. Desai's views on India’s path of development. (2018)(250 words)"
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Model Answer 

A.R Desai has applied dialectical approach in his sociological studies. On the lines of Marxian view, he also thinks that property relationship is at the core of everything. As and when private property is there, it will lead to exploitative relationship.

                                                                                 He envisaged that nationalism in India is a product of the material conditions created by British colonialism and it did not exist in pre-British era. The British rule simultaneously led to the disintegration of economy and several other changes which created new social conditions and class structure. This ultimately provided space to sense of deprivation and consciousness from which nationalism followed.

-The British conquest of India led to the transformation of feudal economy to capitalist economy. It led to disruption of old land relations.

-In place of village commune appeared modern peasant proprietors or zamindars as private owners of land.

-Traditional artisans disappeared with modern industry. New classes like capitalists, industrial workers, labourers, tenants , merchants etc emerged.

-There was emergence of middle class. There were demands like indigenisation of civil services, civil rights, liberties etc.

- There was feeling of deprivation and simmering discontent.

He stated that although the British government initiated various exploitative measures in India , but unintentionally these efforts led to unification of country. The role of railways and press is significant in this direction. Sense of deprivation and discontent led to various social movements, collective representations, national sentiments among Indians.  He talked about social background of Indian nationalism in five phases. Social base of the movement got widened with each phase.


                                                                         On the similar lines, he predicted that next phase would be dominated by the interests of capitalist class. There would be issues like communalism, inter-provincial rivalries and opposition to mass struggles by the leaders. These would be the likely features of next phase of development. The underlying factor is that social unrest is rooted in the capitalist path of development followed by India.

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