Sociology Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 2 - Question 3

90 Days Sociology Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 21-Nov-2018

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21-Nov-2018 - Question 1

M.N Srinivas's concept of Westernization.(2013)(150 words)

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Model Answer

The concept of ‘Westernization’ explains the impact of western contact on Indian society and culture. M.N Srinivas applied structural functional approach to explain the changes or possibility of changes in Indian society. He used this term to describe the changes that a non-western country had undergone as a result of prolonged contact with the western one. It implies certain value preferences. Westernization not only includes the introduction of new institutions but also the fundamental changes in old institutions.

Impact of Westernization:

-The ideas of rights, liberties and freedom

-Modern education

-Influence over socio-religious reform movements

-New kind of job/economic opportunities

-Changes in administrative structure, army and law courts

-Increased the process of Sanskritization to some extent

Though changes have taken place in the society but no structural change as such took place. In other words, there are changes within structure but not change of structure. For example- People who engaged in new occupations have retained their caste identities while entering into new structure i.e class structure at the same time.


                                                                               The concept of westernization along with sanskritization  was an important concept to analyze social change in Indian society.

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