Sociology Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 11 - Question 4

90 Days Sociology Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 23-Jan-2019

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23-Jan-2019 - Question 2

"Social conflict is both a cause and a consequence of social change."Explain.(2016)(250 words)

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Model Answer

Sociological perspectives fall broadly in the categories of function i.e., consensus-based, and conflict which is primarily oriented, to explaining the elements of instability and change. Karl Marx was an important social thinker who systematically analysed the phenomenon of social conflicts. Today conflict theorists insist that conflict is a perennial feature of social life, and that as a result societies are in a state of constant change.  They see conflicts involving a broad range of interests and groups. The interests are economic, political, legal, religious, social and moral.

Conflicts emerge and continue to persist in social life because things like power, prestige, wealth and other resources are not equally available to everyone−they are scarce commodities.  Those who have them or who have control over these scarce commodities, will always try to defend and protect their interests at the expense of others. As a result, conflict emerges between the groups of opposing interests.

Social conflict as a cause of social change:

Conflicts may lead to new forms of social stratification or reinforce existing patterns of stratification in new ways. Inventories may be introduced as a result of conflict. For instance

-Conflict between workers and owners/controllers of production, led to the social invention of trade union.

-Wars between societies led to the development of new techniques of warfare. It was the same phenomenon of war that led to the social invention regarding peace keeping institutions, namely United Nations.

Social conflict as a consequence of social change:

Due to social change, various changes take place in societal structure and framework. New classes come into existence and new class relations develop. Such new forces tend to challenge old order which provides space for conflict in society.

For example- Industrialisation and subsequent rise of capitalism and imperialism had resulted in competition for colonial possessions. Such a scenario had resulted into conflicts among colonial powers which ultimately culminated into world wars.

The phenomenon of social conflict is closely interlinked with the phenomenon of social change, social order and social control. Social conflict is both a cause as well as a consequence of social change.  The conflict theorists insist that society can be best understood and analysed in terms of struggles and strife that occur over the control and acquisition of power, authority, wealth, prestige and other scarce and desirable resources in society.

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