Sociology Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 1 - Question 6

90 Days Sociology Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 16-Nov-2018

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16-Nov-2018 - Question 2

 Explain how sociology has emerged as a distinct discipline based on rationality and scientific temper. (2017) (150 words)

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Model Answer

Sociology is a discipline concerned with the scientific study of society. Renaissance had provided the space for new thinking and intellectual modernity. There was an emphasis on rationalism. Subsequently, innovations, technological developments and the Industrial Revolution resulted in various changes in the societal sphere. The new complex way of life was evolving and there were disruptions in traditional lifestyles.

At that time, the need was felt to study these changes in a systematic and scientific way. Earlier the explanations about social realities were provided by religion and philosophy. But with the rise of modernity, a spirit of rationality and scientific temper were dominant. Auguste Comte has comprehended such a shift by following three stages:

i)Theosophical stage

ii)Metaphysical stage

iii)Scientific/Positive stage

Therefore, the need of understanding social dynamics scientifically and systematically provided scope for the emergence of Sociology as a new discipline.


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