Sikkim PSC Preparation Tips: Important Tips for Sikkim PSC Exam 2020/21

Sikkim PSC preparation tips: Sikkim was the last independent entity to join the Republic of India in 1975. The Public Service Commission of Sikkim Started was formed soon after in 1978 and started functioning in 1982. The centre for examination for Sikkim Public Service Commission conducts all its examinations in Gangtok.

The reason we are discussing this is that the most important of all Sikkim PSC preparation tips is knowing about the state’s history, geography, politics, and any and every current development in the heart of the state.

Sikkim PSC Preparation Tips

Have At Least 4 To 5 Months for Preparation

Although one might argue that the syllabus for the Sikkim PSC exam is not extensive, the paper pattern requires to be understood. To understand this, take a look at the paper pattern first. Once you look, you’ll see that the examination demands at least 8 to 12 months of current affairs knowledge, not only about the state, but also the rest of the country. 

There is also static information that one must retain about History, Polity, Geography, and General Sciences. One needs at least 3 to 4 months to process this amount of information. Moreover, there are language skills tested extensively, along with arithmetic skills. Even if one claims to be a fast learner, mathematics isn’t a skill that can be learned without practice. 

Given the syllabus for the preliminary and mains portion of the Sikkim Public Service Commission examination, one cannot simply become proficient in the subjects covered overnight. Thus, 4 to 5 months is the minimum timeframe one must follow if they are to succeed in their attempt.

Understand the Sikkim PSC Syllabus

One of the top reasons unsuccessful candidates cite as a reason for their failure is not knowing the syllabus well enough. Thus, the first step of cracking this exam is knowing the Sikkim PSC syllabus by heart. The examination is conducted in 3 phases -

Sikkim PSC Preliminary Exam

There are 2 parts to this examination –

General Studies Paper-I

This section overlaps completely with the Mains Examination Paper-II and a portion of Paper-I. It covers the general knowledge and current affairs of the country and the state of Sikkim. It covers basic polity, Indian Constitution, economy, as well as the environmental issues of the day.

General Studies Paper-II

This covers the English Grammar and Mathematics portion of the examination and is similar to a portion of the Mains Paper-I Mostly this has grammar, vocabulary, general arithmetic, and numerical problems, along with data interpretation and basic logical reasoning.

Sikkim PSC Mains Examination

This examination has 3 papers conducted –


This covers general knowledge and general awareness about the country and the state. It also covers current awareness. This paper also has numerical abilities and the English language in the mix. Precis-writing and sentence completion is a major part of the English section.


This paper is similar in content to the Union Public Service Commission examination conducted each year. Indian history, with special emphasis on the freedom struggle, independence, and post-independence happenings as finally Sikkim joins the Republic of India are considered important.

Geography, including physical terrains, crop patterns and vegetation, infrastructure, and highway development across the nation is given special importance. Indian economy and socio-economic development are also a part of this paper. In terms of modern employments, IT development and infrastructures are also to be studied.


Aspirants need to choose an optional subject among the list provided.


General knowledge and current developments related to the state of Sikkim and the chosen optional of the aspirant is given priority during the interview phase. So, one must prepare accordingly.

Go Through Previous Years Questions

Unfortunately, there aren’t many mocks or practice papers available for the Sikkim PSC examination. Thus, studying previous year’s question papers aren’t only important for understanding the pattern of the question, but they can be used as practice papers to gauge the level of preparation of an aspirant.

Keep an Updated General Knowledge Yearbook for Sikkim Handy

We cannot stress enough that this is, in fact, an examination aimed at filling important positions within the purview of a state. Thus, knowing the history, geography, political situation and economy of the state, to name a few, is of utmost importance. Every year General Knowledge Handbooks for the state of Sikkim are released by several publications that have updated current developments about the state as well. One must keep a copy of this handy and keep revising if they are to crack this exam.

And finally, for another one of the top Sikkim PSC preparation tips, Sikkim Public Service Commission allows every Indian citizen to apply for the examination. However, there are a few posts that are open to locals only. There are also some very creative positions open such as ones for artistic fields like photography. 

It is important to know the distinctions and measure your changes accordingly. However, with the right preparation and motivation, one can easily find a position amidst the several vacancies up for grabs each year.

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