Seminar on Public Administration Preparation Strategy by Abhilash Mishra

Any line can become a question in Public Administration books said Abhilash Mishra, AIR 5 who scored a total of 334 marks in Public Administration in 2016. Public Administration was his optional subject throughout his four attempts.

In the toppers seminar on Public Administration, Abhilash talks in detail about how he was not not clear about Pub Ad. concepts until he joined the test series and participated actively in the discussions.

Though the questions seemed complex, they were application based and these applications can be applied if the concepts are clear. Interlinking content with contemporary happenings was the key he says.

Listen to Abhilash talk how to do justice to all the questions asked from the syllabus rather than worry about the out-of-syllabus questions.

Interlinking of thinkers and concepts should happen at the preparation stage itself. This way you can answer all questions holistically and add current based material to your answers as well he said.

Abhilash referred to all books of Mohit Bhattacharya & Prasad and Prasad. The literature in these books have been used in the questions and the same verbatim has been quoted from these books! he told the students during the seminar.

Watch Abhilash talk about how studying in a dialogue based class enhanced his preparation. He was already working while he prepared for UPSC again. In 2013, I scored 155 marks and I thought I had done decently he said.

Adding, Then in 2014, I scored 239 and then 242 in my 2015 attempt. But I wasn t happy with my marks. It was only then that I realized that I wasn t clear with my concepts. Look at Taylor's principle and its application. Along with a concrete example, it can be applied to multiple questions

He strongly believes that giving good examples improves marks. Hear Abhilash talk about how one has to practice what you re planning to write for Mains in test series and do it sincerely so that your mind is conditioned to write you best in a short span of time.

Seminar on Public Administration Preparation Strategy by Abhilash Mishra at Lukmaan IAS


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