Seminar on GS and Essay Preparation Strategy by Abhilash Mishra and Manuj Jindal

IAS topper Abhilash Mishra (AIR 5) throws emphasis on how Content and Presentation matter the most. Relevant content should be presented in an appropriate and appealing manner using a mix of facts & figures, flow charts and diagrams

Watch Abhilash give examples from his own writings/answer during the seminar on General Studies and Essay Strategy.

Both toppers Abhilash Mishra and AIR 53 Manuj Jindal discussed how the examples/diagrams should flow with the answer naturally. Both practised test series and got into the habit of writing answers under pressure.

Manuj would dedicate an entire day to essay writing during the week. The essay is a game changer in UPSC. It can really make a difference to your overall score he said. In the remaining hours, Manuj would read good content, especially very good speeches by world leaders.

The toppers made sure they adhered to the word limit and concentrated more on content and how to present the answers. They did not skip the basic NCERT textbooks and Abhilash referred to Tamil Nadu textbook for Art and Culture. I referred to GK today PDFs for current affairs and it was quite useful and up to date said Abhilash.

Both agreed to how syllabus should be one's guide from the start and established at the back of your mind. I did not study the syllabus so well and that did cost me marks in my previous attempt explains Manuj Jindal.

Listen to the toppers talk about how to build confidence after not making it through in one attempt. What you cannot control you must not focus on. What you can focus is on your answer writing, improve your presentation skills and your conceptual clarity. Focus on what you can do. Get it checked with your teachers, discuss with friends and practise answer writing on a regular basis. It is the core of the examination and a critical component as well.

Seminar on General Studies and Essay Preparation Strategy by Abhilash Mishra and Manuj Jindal

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