Salary of an IAS officer

Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is one of the most prestigious jobs in the country. And, rightly so. The IAS officials shoulder the big responsibility of running the administrative machinery of our democratic nation. Even though the ultimate responsibly rests with the Ministries of the Government of India, it is the selected group of Indian civil service members, who are given the responsibility of implementing the policy or taking executive decisions.

The role and responsibility of running a vast democratic system such as ours need exceptional skills and will, to do the job. Every year millions of aspirants apply for the select vacancies notified by the UPSC, the nodal agency appointed by the government to conduct the IAS exam. The officer cadre can join at the state level or any one of the job positions available with the Union Government. So, what motivates the enormous number of candidates to apply for the IAS job? Is it the salary of an IAS officer or it is the personal ambition of an individual scoring over the IAS salary?

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Since Indian Civil Service Officers form the backbone of the national governance, it is naturally the prestige and the salary of IAS must be motivating them to apply for it. During their complete career tenure, the IAS officers have many roles to perform. At one point, an officer is overseeing crucial policy implementation and on the other side, he/she must be conceptualizing the policy-making, therefore, continuously investing time and effort in running the complete government machinery. They are, at the front-end and back-end of the Indian administrative matter and they are, the think-tank and the efficient administrators of the Indian Democracy System.

Most of the people who want to become IAS officers are motivated by their passion to work for society and be an agent of change. Some are attracted to the power, perks, and respect associated with the job. IAS officer salary is not among the most motivating factors but having said that the IAS salary is not minuscule.

The IAS salary is quite competitive and offers a decent standard of living to the officers and their families. The basic salary of an IAS officer is INR 56100 which starts at Level 10 and goes up to INR 250000 at Level 18 after the 7th pay commission.

Other than the IAS salary, the associated perks such as Accommodation in some of the posh locations in the city, Vehicle, Dearness Allowance which is revised periodically and Medical for dependents enhances the attractiveness of the position.

The HRA approved as per 7th pay commission is 24 percent, 16 percent and 8 per cent of the new basic pay. The rate of HRA would be revised to 27 per cent, 18 per cent and 9 per cent when the dearness allowance (DA) crosses 25 per cent, and further to 30 per cent, 20 per cent and 10 per cent when it crosses 50 per cent.

Complete Salary includes Basic Pay + HRA +TA +DA

The Pay Levels and associated ranks are as follows:
  • Level 10:SDM
  • Level 11: DM
  • Level 12:DM (DS in Government of state)
  • Level 13:DM (Director in Government of India)
  • Level 14: Joint Secretary in GOI
  • Level 15: Additional Secretary in GOI/Principal Secretary in State
  • Level 16: Additional Chief Secretary
  • Level 17: Chief Secretary/DG/Secretary of GOI
  • Level 18: Cabinet Secretary to Government of India
These positions power and perks are only available to those who get selected in UPSC CSE and this requires immense hard work and Dedication.
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