5 Must-Read Study Material for UPSC Preparation

Many believe, to clear UPSC IAS examination is a hard nut to crack. It is hard because candidates think it's only hard work they lack but the fact is they lack proper materials too. There are many aspirants, who believe they have to read all the thick, big books to crack IAS exam, so they start collecting books and pile them up around them. when in actuality, they start studying it becomes tough to assimilate all the information.

Here in this article, we have made an effort to make you aware of, what to read and how to read? They have the question, how to prepare for UPSC exam. We have thoroughly discussed the problems what the aspirants face, what are the 5 must-read study materials and their usefulness in your IAS exam preparation.

There are two types of aspirants,

  1. The one, who has started it early to crack IAS in the first attempt.
  2. The one, who has less than one year in hand for preparation.

In both the cases, many students commit the same mistake.

They Don't Follow the Syllabus

There is a myth among the candidates that, UPSC can ask anything and everything. But it's not exactly the same. It has given a prescribed syllabus. Go for it and understand the need of the UPSC. This will save your precious time of preparation.

Ignoring Previous Year Question Papers

By referring previous year question paper, you can understand the pattern and current trend. This will help you to stick to the requirements.

Piling Books Cluelessly

The markets of UPSC hub are flooded with countless books and materials of various authors and publications. Students due to partial knowledge about the syllabus and it's need ended up collecting books mindlessly. They start from the thick and big books by ignoring basic NCERT books for UPSC.

Negligible Importance to Revision and Practice

Many students who aspire to become IAS, they miss the basic importance of Revision and Practice. They dedicate more time to acquire the new information, rather making their quota complete in revision. Appearing mock tests will help you to analyze your strength and weakness.

Not Understanding the Gist of the Newspaper

Everyone knows it's important to follow current affairs, but many follow various sources for collecting current affairs. You must be known to one fact, that nothing can substitute the newspaper. Follow standard newspapers, such as The Hindu, The Indian Express. Time management is quite essential while reading the newspaper or else you may end up reading the newspaper only in the whole day.

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Lack of Self-Assessment

Many students don't do self-analysis before their preparation. Self-assessment is your homework which you should do before going for preparation. It is the key to success in this examination. This helps you to recognize your true potential.

Among the mentioned all mistakes which effect you badly is, the mindless collection of books and material. You must be aware of what to read and how to read. If you go to Mukherjee Nagar or Old Rajinder Nagar of Delhi, you can find countless books on various authors and publishers, study materials of several institutions. Students collect them in search of shortcuts. In the end, aspirants confuse themselves and end up in the mess.

It is advisable not to spend your precious money and time cluelessly. There are prescribed books for UPSC, which are considered as the Standard preparation books, which have been tested by the toppers too. These standard books can be helpful for you in saving your money and time. Now you must be curious to know which are the so-called "standard Reading Materials"? So here are the 5 must-read study materials which ensure you sure success if you follow them sincerely.

5 Must-Read Study Materials for UPSC Preparation

1. "Start With The Basic"- NCERT Books for IAS

NCERT is the basic requirement for the preparation of UPSC. If you are quite serious about your preparation, you must start it with NCERT books. Books from class 6th to 12th by NCERT are to be thoroughly covered. These books will help you to clear your conceptual base and also give you a clear insight of the subject.

2. Newspapers: The Hindu and Indian Express

Current affairs is a must for IAS Examination. Students find it hard to go through the newspaper for current affairs update, but you have to keep it in your mind, the newspaper is the most reliable source for current affairs. If you are updating current affairs by some other source, do refer newspaper as well. The Hindu, The Indian Express are preferred newspapers for preparation. Make a simple plan for the reading newspaper. Go through editorials and make notes also. These small habits can bring you a great result.

3. Important Booklist for UPSC Civil Services Exam

If you are seriously aspiring to become an IAS officer then make friends with books. The market is flooded with books for CSE preparation, but you have to be very careful while selecting your books. The quality of the book which is important, to give your preparation a cutting edge. These are the following best books for IAS preparation which will be immensely helpful for your preparation.

Subject Must Read (NCERT) Primary Material Reference Material
History OLD NCERTs: Ancient India RS Sharma Medieval India Sathish Chandra Modern India Bipan ChandraNew NCERTs: 6th to 12th Standard New NCERTs Themes in Indian History Brief History of Modern India (Spectrum) History of World by Arjun Dev
Geography Geography NCERTs 6th to 12th Contemporary India (9th and 10th standard) Fundamentals of Physical Geography (11th Standard) India Physical environment (11th Standard) Fundamentals of Human Geography (12th Standard) India People and Economy (12th Standard) Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong School Atlas - Oxford or Orient BlackSwan School Atlas
Indian Polity Political Science NCERTs (11th and 12th Standard) Indian Constitution at Work Politics in India Since Independence Indian Polity - Laxmikanth
Science Science NCERTs (6th to 12th Standard) Hindu Newspaper Science and Tech Weekly Column (Sunday)
Indian Economy Economy 11th and 12th NCERTs Micro and Macroeconomics Indian Economic Development Indian Econmy - Ramesh Singh
Art and Culture: Art and Culture NCERTs (11th Standard) Introduction to Indian Art Indian Art and Culture By Nitin Singhania
Environment: Science Biology 12th Standard NCERT (Last four Chapters 13 to 16) Shankar IAS Environment Material (Act, Policies and Convention) IGNOU Environment notes.
Current Affairs: The Hindu and Indian Express Live Mint, Economic Times, Business Standard
Magazines Yojana Kurukshetra Frontline Economic and Political Weekly
Year Book India Year Book - PIB Publication

4. Important Magazines for UPSC IAS Exam

Books alone are not sufficient for your preparation. There is a throat cutting competition for each mark in the examination. so you have to prove your mettle in this examination with additional ammunition. The magazines can serve your purpose in this case. Don't worry, You don't have to read all bulky and theoretical concepts.

There are just three magazines which are good enough to sharpen your answer and make you able to clear the examination. The Yojana, The Kurukshetra, and The Science Reporter are the tripod which will help you to write a balanced answer in the mains.

These magazines are published by the Government Agencies and also the articles published in this magazine are written by eminent personalities with in-depth analysis. So when you use the information in your answer, your answer will be preferred than other aspirants.

5. Important Websites and TV Programmes for UPSC Exam

Apart from the above-mentioned materials, there are several other media which can make you even more close to realising your dream with your preparation. Following are the important sites;

  • Press Information Bureau- pib.nic.in
  • PRS India- www.prsindia.org
  • Rajya Sabha TV
  • All India Radio Discussion
These are the sites which will be immensely helpful during your preparation. UPSC handwritten Notes of toppers

Read thoroughly. Make notes by yourself after reading and reviewing. Making effective notes is very important while preparation. Revise your self-made notes and the books minimum thrice. Remember Revision is the Runway to your goal.Prepare your self in the best possible way and do the best. Hopefully, this article you find helpful to clear your doubts regarding study material.

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