Public Administration Answer Writing Practice - Week 8 - Question 2

90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 22-Jan-2018

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22-Jan-2018 - Question 2

Do you agree that there has been a serious governance-deficit in development administration in India? Give reasons for your answer and add your suggestions. (2015)

Model Answer

The government deficit means that the programmes and policies are not being implemented due to systematic, institutional gap, lack of participation from the state as well as the citizens. Participation from the state will result in the efficient policy execution, while increased people participation increases the accountability in the governance.

Features of development administration due to governance deficit:-

  • The local self-government institution (PRIs and ULBs) have been struggling due to the improper devolution of funds, function and functionaries. As for it, the developmental programs are not properly implemented. At the same, the efficiency is negatively impacted.
  • Corruption, favouritism etc along hierarchy level in administration.
  • The top-down approach to planning and the decision making. Lack of authority at lower level coupled with responsibility.
  • Low citizen participation
  • State government unwilling to devolve authority and power to the local bodies.

Following needs to be done to improve the governance quotient in developmental administration

  • Fixing accountability and improving transparency with the help of citizen s charter and grievance redressal mechanism.
  • Enforcement of the accountability by people participation.
  • Use of technology in governance, encouragement of use e-governance initiatives.
  • Institutional improvement in the delivery of services.
  • Change in governmentality, there is a need to change the attitude of civil servants in considering governing process more focus on the participatory and certain role of civil society.

Participative governance must be ensured by giving power to people through making them a stakeholder in governance and empowering people with requisite knowledge for filling gaps in development administration.

Note: The model answer is only for your reference and not an ideal answer for the question.
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