Public Administration Answer Writing Practice - Week 3 - Question Set 2

90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice - Questions for 20-Dec-2017

Public Administration Syllabus Covered in Week 3

3. Administrative Behaviour: Process and techniques of decision-making; Communication; Morale; Motivation Theories content, process and contemporary; Theories of Leadership: Traditional and Modern.

4. Organisations: Theories systems, contingency; Structure and forms: Ministries and Departments, Corporations, Companies, Boards and Commissions; Ad hoc and advisory bodies; Headquarters and Field relationships; Regulatory Authorities; Public - Private Partnerships.

Instructions for Writing Answers

1. Click the Question links provided and write your answer on the individual question page.

2. Model Answers and Feedback would be provided on the individual question page.

3. Don't write answers on this Page.

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1. Decisions are not made by organizations , but by human beings behaving as members of organizations . How do Bernard and Simon conceptualize the relation between the decisions of the individual employee and the organizational authority? (2013).
2. PPPs serve too many parties and too many interests ... to be focussed. Identify in the context of the statement, the parties involved in Public Private Partnerships and their conflicting aims. (2015).

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