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90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 07-Feb-2018

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07-Feb-2018 - Question 2

Decentralised governance must serve as an instrument of realising social change and social justice. Comment on the statement. (2015)
Model Answer

Decentralised governance has become an instrumenting for people empowerment. It involves people at grass root level to plan themselves for betterment and execute these plan at the ground. People participation are an important part of the decentralised governance.

Decentralised governance as a tool for social change
  • Social Change can be brought when people identify their problem and take corrective action. Gram Sabha and village panchayat aim for planning at local level.
  • The election, which is regularly held after 5 years, Change the power structure if previously elected candidate fail to bring positive social change.
  • Funds are provided by the union, state government, mobilised from the local level to fulfil the demand of local people.
  • Functionaries act as an agent to bring social change.
Decentralised governs as a tool for social justice
  • Transparency, Accountability - in govt activities, e.g.. Gram Sabha as unit of social Audit reducing gap between demand and supply
  • Reduction in corruption - Builds social capital, trust, real-time monitoring and vigilance through e-governance power to people
  • Gender equality- woman empowerment acknowledge their contribution at home and other aspects, giving them chance to split themselves economically, socially
  • Inclusive growth - Sustainable development, including Tribals, scheduled castes, OBC
  • Reducing inequality- Class wise, caste wise
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) through Manila panchayat, Nyaya Adalat

Through Decentralised governance is an effective instrument, its real implementation seems to be a far dream due to lack of political will, hopefully with increased awareness used of decentralised governance will be realised.

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