Public Administration Answer Writing Practice - Week 1 - Question 3

90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 06-Dec-2017

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06-Dec-2017 - Question 1

Globalisation has transformed the nature and character of State from traditional administrative Welfare State to a Corporate State. Analyse the changes in the nature of public administration in this context. (2015)

Model Answer

Globalisation means the opening of local and nationalistic perspectives to a broader outlook of an interconnected and interdependent world with free transfer of capital, goods, and services across national frontiers. Public administration is the active part of the government i.e. government in action. Thus changes in the character of the state are bound to change the nature of Public Administration. Earlier the state is responsible for all the welfare activities, while with the globalization the nature of state changed to a corporate state. Corporate state refers to a state which is enterprising, entrepreneurial, mission-oriented and efficient like corporates.

The change in the nature of Public administration due to Globalisation are:-

  1. Change in the role of the state from that of rowing (service providing and controlling) to steering (facilitating and regulating). e.g., Private telecom companies as the service provider and TRAI as the state regulator.
  2. Reduction in the size of government and reduction in state monopolies as service providers. It brings competition which eventually results in efficiency and wide choice to consumers.
  3. Competition and working with private sector bring efficiency and best global practice to the public administration. But on another hand private sector guided by profit and efficiency on another hand public sector guided by social equity and employment. Thus the role of the state to balance out profit and social equity.
  4. Collaboration with international organization and countries in the delivery of goods and services. e.g. Japan participation in Delhi Mumbai Industrial corridor, World bank participation in clean Ganga.
  5. Change in the role of state bureaucracy from that of an economic regulator to defender of the interest of all stakeholders. e.g., SEBI, CCI, IRDA etc
  6. Administration has moved towards concepts like New Public Management, Public choice approach and good governance providing participation to the citizens and increasing the alternatives for them thereby ensuring better and quality service delivery

Globalisation has rendered state from opaque to transparent, excessive hierarchical to flatter organizations, unitary to pluralistic institutions, monopoly to competition in service delivery. The state needs to monitor and regulate the non-state actors so that the development process can hasten. The state should utilize this corporatization to meet the ends of a welfare state.

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