Public Administration Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 9 - Question 2

90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 07-Jan-2019

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07-Jan-2019 - Question 2

“The term policy implementation is in some respects preferable to the label public administration.” Argue. (2015)

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Model Answer

Wilson advocated administration-politics dichotomy. Simon, Gladden, Thompson, Cyert etc, held that Public administration is executive branch of the government i.e, mainly to do with policy implementation, in that context, it is often viewed that Public administration is policy implementation.  Public administration is nothing but implementation of policies formed by political heads. The process through which the policies are enforced that is the policies formulated are converted into realities is referred to as policy implementation.

Public Administration is Policy Implementation :

  1. Public Administration is successful only when policies are implemented in the right spirit.
  2. It insulates public administration from political interference and helps achieve the goals with autonomy.
  3. Socio-economic development is one of the objectives of public administration is only achieved through effective implementation of the policies.
  4. Scholars like Woodrow Wilson and paradigms like New Public Management, New Public Administration also emphasised on implementation.

Public administration is more than policy implementation. It inlaces all the activities of executives, legislature, judiciary, and their interrelations.

  1. The administration is getting more complex and specialized in the era of globalization and privatization. Thus there is a need for more politics administration cooperation to achieve creative potential. The role of the state is changed to the facilitator, catalyst and regulator. Networked governance in partnership with the private sector, voluntary organization and involvement of non-state actor.
  2. Scholars like Nigro and Nigro held Public Administration involves all three organs due to interdependence and interrelatedness between all the organs of the government.
  3. In the era of good governance public administration also needs to deal (involved) with non-state actors as well.
  4. Waldo, New Public Management, New Public Administration, discard the Politics Administration dichotomy and substitute it with politics administration fusion.

Though Policy Implementation (government in action) remains the staple core of Public Administration, its nature is polyglot, dynamic and ever-changing according to environmental factors. Public Administration as policy implementation to secure for its scope and focus to establish as a separate discipline. But in today's modern era it is no more the case and public administration is much more than policy implementation.

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