Public Administration Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 9 - Question 1

90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 07-Jan-2019

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07-Jan-2019 - Question 1

"Training is considered as paid holidays." Comment (2016)

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Model Answer

Introduction - What is  Training and its importance

Main Body- condition of training in India and ways to improve it and make it more relevant in human resource development


Some few points for references

Training is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate o specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals for improving one’s capabilities, capacity, and performances. The time is changing and the relationship between the training and other management activities is also changing. The training and development activities are now equally important with that of other human resources functions.

The objectives of training include - Keeping up to date and enhancing professional knowledge and skills need for better performance of individual and organization, promoting a better understanding of requirements as wells as sanitization to professional, socio-economic and political environments in which officers perform and bringing about right attitudinal orientation.

Training is considered as paid holiday because:-

  1. Training in India suffers from low priority and adhocism.
  2. Training facilities such as foreign tour are utilized largely by the senior level officers, and middle-level officers whose roles are crucial in maintaining the efficiency miss the opportunity.
  3. In the mid-career training system it has been stipulated that promotions will not be given if training is not complete. However, there is no formal evaluation of performers of trainees eve in the newly introduced programs.
  4. The training programs are largely concerned with senior civil servants and very little training are conducted for middle and junior level civil servants.
  5. The training is not supported by research and development and proper consultancy.
  6. Minimal value is attached to training by a number of senior officers. Generally, separable officers are trained and not the good performers.

As Second Administration reform commission recommend the successful completion to training (mandatory training at the induction stage and periodically of career) should be minimum eligibility for confirmation in services and subsequent promotions. The objectives of mid-career training should be to develop domain knowledge and competence required for changing job profile. A strong network of training institutes at junior and state levels should be established.

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