Public Administration Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 8 - Question 4

90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 02-Jan-2019

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02-Jan-2019 - Question 2

"The Second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) makes a strong case for the principle of subsidiarity." Elaborate (2017)

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Model Answer

The principle of subsidiarity as the idea that a central government should have a subsidiary function, performing only those functions which cannot be performed effectively at a state level or local level. Second Administrative reform commission stated that the Principle of Subsidiarity should be the basis of union-state relation.

As the Schedule VII of the Indian constitution divided the subject on which the Union government can formulate law. The 73rd and the 74th constitutional amendment added the XI and XII schedules which define the subject for panchayats and municipalities respectively. As with Principle of Subsidiarity in the true spirit of federalism the state government is more empowered to perform the function which can be performed by the state governments. Second Administrative reform commission also recommends that the principle of subsidiarity should be applied in case of local self-government institution also.

As we are witnessing, that state government are demanding more power from the Union. As with 14th finance commission, the share of the state in net tax proceeds was increased to make state financial empowered. While on other hand state governments are not delegating power to the local self-government institution. Due to which local self-government institution are not much effective at the local level. Thus Second Administrative Reform Commission recommends principle of subsidiarity should be followed in Union-State and local government relation. Those function which can be performed best at the local level should only be performed by the local self-government institutions.

Decentralized governance and participatory democracy can be successful only when we transfer function, funds, and functionaries to the institution of governance at the lowest level. Empowered local self-government institution ensured more decentralized government and responsive government.

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