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90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 02-Jan-2019

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02-Jan-2019 - Question 1

Justify the constitutional provision to treat certain expenditure as charged upon the Consolidated Fund of India. (2013)

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Model Answer

According to Article 266 of Indian constitution, all revenues ( example tax revenue from personal income tax, corporate income tax, customs and excise duties as well as non-tax revenue such as licence fees, dividends and profits from public sector undertakings etc. ) received by the Union government as well as all loans raised by issue of treasury bills, internal and external loans and all moneys received by the Union Government in repayment of loans shall form a consolidated fund entitled the 'Consolidated Fund of India' for the Union Government. While Article 266(3) of the Indian constitution, No money out of Consolidated Fund of India shall be appropriated except in accordance with law and for the purposes and in the manner provided in the constitution.

There are two types of expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of India. These are:-

  • Expenditure charged on consolidated fund of India
  • The expenditure made from the consolidated fund of India

Expenditure charged on consolidated fund of India are expenditures are already given in the Constitution, no voting takes place for the amount involved in these expenditures for their withdrawal from the Consolidated Fund of India. This means that they have to be paid in any case, whether the budget is passed or not passed. Article 112(3) of the constitution of India stated the charged expenditures.

Following are the charged expenditures:

  • Emoluments and allowances of the President,
  • Salaries and allowances of  Speaker / Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha, Chairman/ Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha,
  • Salaries and  allowances of Supreme Court judges, Pensions of Supreme Court as well as High Court Judges,
  • Salaries and Allowances of CAG,
  • Any sum required to satisfy any judgement, decree or award of any court or arbitral tribunal,
  • Debt charges for which  Government of India is liable
  • Other expenditure define by constitution of an Act of Parliament.

An expenditure made from the consolidated fund of India are those expenditures which are not given in the Constitution but are the subject of a decision of Union Government. Expenditures for any policy, subsidies or scholarship etc. To make these expenses govt. has to introduce money bill in Lok Sabha and only after passing of this bill the expenditures can be made from the consolidated fund of India.

The reason of Charged expenditures are :

  • High constitutional offices and dignity:- salary to these offices cannot be changed in tenure and can't be open for variations. Like President, Speaker etc.
  • Maintain independence of some important offices, As the salaries and allowances of these offices are free from parliamentary debate and discussion to provide indolence and autonomy to these offices from the government. Like Supreme court, CAG etc.

Expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund of India to ensure separation of power and maintaining proper check and balance through the creation of independent agencies. While salaries and allowance to constitutional post are charged to maintain their dignity.

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