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90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 28-Dec-2018

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28-Dec-2018 - Question 2

“The term Development Administration can be used only in a broad sense to mark the variety of approaches and points of view.” Discuss. (2014)

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Model Answer

Introduction- Few lines regarding Development Administration

Body - Developmental administration various approaches and views.


Some few points for references

The concept of the development administration emerged in the 1950s and ’60s in the background of comparative public administration. The study of the administration in post world war II and postcolonial development in the developing countries.

Riggs, Wiedner, Lycian Pye etc. believed that there is an interconnection between developmental and non-developmental works. They beloved that the development administration has two aspects- administration of development and development of administration. The delivery of goods and services by the administration is referred to as administration of development. Building capacity of the administration in terms of its technical expertise, management skills, and financial strength so that it becomes possible on its part to deliver goods and services is referred to as the development of administration.

Few more views on development administration are:-

  1. Comparative Politics Group:- According to the comparative politics group, development administration is a paradigm mean to bring about political and system stability in administration. The political stability is mandatory for the development.
  2. Comparative Administrative Group:- According to them, Development administration in developing counties is a phenomenon of rapid socio-economic development and nation-building thereby ensuring the stability of the administration.
  3. Organizational view:- According to them, Development Administration is all about introducing modern Weberian system of bureaucracy in developing countries to bring rapid socio-economic development. Edward Weidner and Caiden are proponents of organizational views.
  4. Ecological view:- According to Riggs, Heady and Waldo development administration is not about modernizing the administration system through a Weberian administrative system. It is more about rapid socio-economic development in developing countries.

While George Gant referred to development administration as a system characterized by its purposes, loyalties, and attitudes. Edward Weidner defined development administration as an action-oriented and goal oriented administrative system.

So, there are many perspectives of seeing development administration. Even many thinkers gave anti-development thesis who were not satisfied with the above definitions. There is no unanimous definition of DA. Broadly it is used of all the theories whose target is to provide rapid socio-economic development to developing countries.

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