Public Administration Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 7 - Question 2

90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 24-Dec-2018

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24-Dec-2018 - Question 2

"Liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation have transformed the nature of devlopment administration." Discuss (2017)

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Model Answer

Introduction- Few lines regarding development administration

Body - Effect of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation on development administration


Some few points for references

Development administration has two aspects - administration of development and development of the administration. The delivery of goods and service by the administration is referred as administration of development. And the necessary process of building of capacity of the administration in terms of technical expertise, management skills and financial strength so that it becomes possible on its part to deliver goods and service is referred as development of administration.

Effect of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation on development administration are:-

  1. With liberalisation and privatisation private sector are also involved in delivery of quality services. Due to this the efficiency of development administration is increased.
  2. With the globalisation, new global practices are adopted by developing countries. Such as use of Information technology in development administration
  3. With liberalisation and privatisation the role of state is minimised due of which the state is only focused on essential activities
  4. With LPG development administration focus shifted to developing countries

Development administration has been a notable landmark in the history of Public Administration. It has provided a new philosophical and practical direction to Public Administration. Liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation increases the efficiency of Development Administration( Public Administration).

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