Public Administration Answer Writing Practice 2020 - Week 10 - Question Set 1

90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice - Questions for 14-Jan-2021

Public Administration Syllabus Covered in Week 10

11. Rural Development: Institutions and agencies since independence; Rural development programmes: foci and strategies; Decentralization and Panchayati Raj; 73rd Constitutional amendment.

12. Urban Local Government: Municipal governance: main features, structures, finance and problem areas; 74th Constitutional Amendment; Globallocal debate; New localism; Development dynamics, politics and administration with special reference to city management.

Instructions for Writing Answers

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1 "District Planning Committee (DPC) has been the weakest structure in the local self-government mechanism in India." Analyse with examples (2017)

“The growing prominence of NGOs in development areas is strongly related to the declining legitimacy of the State.” Explain. (2016)

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