Public Administration Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 1 - Question 6

90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 16-Nov-2018

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16-Nov-2018 - Question 2

“Karl Marx’s interpretation of bureaucracy was rooted in the history of the nature of the State.” Evaluate.

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Model Answer

Answers should include the following :


Introduction- Few lines regarding the Karl Marx interpretation of Bureaucracy.

Body - Addressing the needs of the question Karl Marx interpretation of bureaucracy and nature of the state.



Some few points for references


According to the Karl Marx whole society was divided into bourgeoise (dominant/Haves) and proletariat (dominated/Haves Not). The haves design strategies to keep their interest intact. Marx interpretation of bureaucracy is that it is an exploitative arm of the start, through which state excursive the control. State here represents the interests of the few privileged whose aims is to dominate through a formal manner over the have-nots.

It is rooted in the history of the nature of the state as Marx suggests that the rise of bureaucracy is closely linked with the rise of the state. This can be explained through an evolution of state according to Marx’s.

In the primitive tradition society, there was no formal structure to manage things, as with a change in the society the need of the formal structure (or organisation ) was arise to manage the society and then the bureaucracy was born. As with industrialisation, the conflict between the worker and employers was increased. And bureaucracy played a significant role in protecting the interest of employers.

As with the change into a state from the feudal tradition society to legal ration society the importance of bureaucracy also increased many-folds. In the modern era with the use of latest technologies, the functioning of the society becomes more complex. And in this scope influence and status of bureaucracy also increased very much.

With the promotion of education, economic development, technological advancement, economic reforms the importance of the bureaucracy is increased many folds. Bureaucracy provides stability and continuity in the administration. Bureaucracy played a significant role in the maintaining law and order in society as well avoiding violent.

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