Public Administration Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 1 - Question 1

90 Days Public Administration Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 12-Nov-2018

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12-Nov-2018 - Question 1

Even after 130 years of its publication, Woodrow Wilson’s essay “The Study of Administration” continues to have great relevance even today.” Comment (2017)

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Model Answer

Woodrow Wilson, with his essay “The Study of Administration” in 1887 is called the founding father of the Discipline as he tried to give it a separate Identity from political science.

Developing a Science of Administration - his quest for developing a science of administration is relevant even today. For example use of Computers, Data Mining for decision making, etc are an attempt to make the decision more rational. 

Wilson also stressed on the Politics-Administration dichotomy. According to Wilson, politics is just concerned with making policies and administration is concerned with the execution of those policies. The administration has no role in the making of policies and hence is separated from politics. 

Making public administration less un-business like: New Public Management, the advent of New Right Philosophy, PPP etc is a contemporary phenomenon

Comparative Study of Administration: with the advent of Globalisation and common issues like terrorism, etc. countries have comparative study and implemented successful policies of other countries. For   India adopted the ‘Self Help Group (SHG)’ concept from Bangladesh.

Merit-Based selection in administration- Woodrow Wilson was against the spoil system and emphasised the merit-based selection in the administration. Merit-based recruitment in civil service is the most effective and transparent way recruitment. 

The Theory of Administration is the first theoretical piece on public administration, its influence was on later theory rather than contemporary practice. Despite its undoubted importance, the essay is remarkable for its ambiguity, particularly in regard to his instance on the politics-administration dichotomy. Wilson’s essay stands as a major early effort at articulating the essential ideation and dominant paradigm for the profession.


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