Political Science Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 5 - Question 5

90 Days Political Science Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 14-Dec-2018

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14-Dec-2018 - Question 1

Discuss Ambedkar’s ideas on ‘annihilation of caste’.(250 words) - 2018

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Amongst the galaxy of thinkers in modern India, Ambedkar assumes a great importance and stands on a pedestal quite different from the others. This is because his personality exemplifies the unique saga of a fight against massive social disabilities. The socio-political thought of Ambedkar basically revolves around the idea of understanding the dynamics of the caste system in India and waging a tireless crusade against the curse of untouchability. A/Q to Dhananjay Keer, Ambedkar is the tallest leader among Dalits as no one before him or after could achieve what he could do for the members of his community at a time when a seemingly ordinary respectful life for an untouchable appeared extremely difficult.

In his book ‘annihilation of caste', he gave a call to put dynamite on Vedas and Manusmriti. He calls Hinduism is nothing but Brahmanism and it is impossible to abolish caste system as long as one follows Hinduism. According to him, Hinduism is nothing like madness, which asks people to touch cowdung but not allow to touch fellow human beings, deprive people of education.

He started Mooknayak magazine and Bahiskrit Bharat newspaper to build consciousness Dalits. He

established All India Dalit Federation which has been renamed Dalit federation of India.

He gave a call for Dalits not to join Harijan Sevak Sangh started by Gandhi. He compared it with Putna. He was not satisfied with Gandhi because Gandhi started fast unto death to stop separate electorate for Dalits but not for the abolition of untouchability.

Ambedkar held that it is not his choice to born as Hindu but it is not his choice to die as Hindu. He converted to Buddhism because he tracked Brahmin hegemony to Hinduism to endogamy and caste hierarchy, which is impossible to abolish.

Thus it can be said that Ambedkar has done remarkable work in the upliftment of Dalits and even not hesitated from disowning Hinduism and converting to Buddhism.


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