Political Science Answer Writing Practice 2020 - Week 4 - Question Set 3

90 Days Political Science Answer Writing Practice - Questions for 07-Dec-2020

Political Science Syllabus Covered in Week 4

Comparative Political Analysis and International Politics:
4. Equality: Social, political and economic; relationship between equality and freedom; Affirmative action.
5. Rights: Meaning and theories; different kinds of rights; concept of Human Rights.
6. Democracy: Classical and contemporary theories; different models of democracy – representative, participatory and deliberative.  

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1. What, according to Joseph Nye, are the major sources of a country's soft, power? Discuss its relevance in the contemporary world politics. (2018) - 250 words

2. Discuss the changing nature of the modern state with reference to transnational actors. (15 Marks) ( 2017)

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