Political Science Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 4 - Question 6

90 Days Political Science Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 07-Dec-2018

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07-Dec-2018 - Question 2

Discuss the changing nature of the modern state with reference to transnational actors. (15 Marks) ( 2017)

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Model Answer

State is a core concept of political science. It begins and ends with state. Transnational actors (TNAs) have come to be considered political, social, cultural, and economic agents or groups that have trans societal relations across borders. They pursue their goals somewhat independently of governmental considerations.

Trans-national actors which effect the modern state are mainly of following three types

1) MNCs

2) Terrorist Organisations

3) International institutions ( WTO, AIIB, NDB, UN )

Regarding MNCs, we can quote "Jospeh Nye" : Power Diffusion vertically in the state, from state to Big companies in shaping the foreign Policy and national interest of a nation.

"The Complex Interdependence model " by "Kehone and Nye" can  best model explain the Complex relations between states because Over economic dependence of one country on another.  For eg China and Vietnam , old enemies but the trade surplus of china on Vietnam has changed the relations between both countries.

 Dependency theory of Samir Amin  says there is unequal exchange between core and periphery states, development of underdevelopment. World system theory of Immanuel Wallenstein has explained the effect of capitalism on third world.  He attributes all conflicts, inter state and intra state , to capitalism. Thus most of the countries in third world , still supplier of raw material and consumer of higher goods and manufactured goods.

Regarding terrorist organization, We can talk about ' State Sponsored Terrorism by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan', and how the State sovereignty is compromised.

 The Third about the " Economic imperialism/ Neo-Colonialism through the partisanship in the UNO, WTO( Dispute Redressal Mechanism) - Eg Indian Food Security Act Controversy, India's patent laws on Medicines) .

They are also wielding  their influence on state sovereign issues like financial matters and trade related matters. Through these institutions developed countries exploiting LDCs and Medium developed Countries ( Eg Venezuela vs USA) . IMF forced east European countries to shock therapy third world countries to open their market.

Thus modern state is facing many challenges in increasing complex interdependent globalised world due to trans national actors.

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