Political Science Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 3 - Question 6

90 Days Political Science Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 30-Nov-2018

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30-Nov-2018 - Question 2

The implementation of human rights is regarded as a matter of changing the conduct of States. ( 2016) - 200 words

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Model Answer

The idea of Human rights developed out of the ‘Natural rights’ theories of the early modern period. By the 20th centuries, the decline of religious belief had led to the secularization of the natural rights theories, which were reborn in the form of ‘Human rights’.
Human rights are rights to which people are entitled by virtue of being human. They are, therefore, ‘Universal’ Rights in the sense that they belong to all human being rather than to members of any particular race, religion, gender, caste, etc. they are also ‘fundamental’ rights in the sense that they are inalienable.
Human rights have emerged as one of the most powerful and influential ideas of the contemporary times as it can bring some significant changes in the quality of individual and social life. It determines the behavioural way in which people in a democratic society should be dealt with. In simple terms, it provides scope for freedom from any form of exploitation.
However, despite being a potential and influential discourse, there are many practical and conceptual dimensions with respect to the implementation of human rights. One of such problems in implementation.  
However, despite being an influential discourse, there are many practical and conceptual concepts with respect to the implementation of human rights. One such problem is a lack of consensus over the meaning of ‘Human’ and what should constitute the universal human rights regime. Another problem in contemporary times is the increasing trend of politicization of human rights. This is commonly evident in the third world countries. In such countries, any attempt to implement human rights produces a complex situation as these countries suffer from issues like an insurgency.
Thus,  a proper implementation of human rights regime requires an honest effort to depoliticize the human rights discourse only when international community prioritizes rights over their geopolitical interests, the legitimacy of the global human rights regime would be continuously threatened. In addition, human rights associations, advocacy groups working in non-western societies should adopt a more neutral approach in implementation of human rights.

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