Political Science Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 3 - Question 1

90 Days Political Science Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 26-Nov-2018

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26-Nov-2018 - Question 1

What do you understand by three generation of human rights? (200 words) - 2018

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Model Answer

Human  Rights  are  the  rights  inherent  to  all  human  beings  irrespective  of  their nationality,  ethnicity,  gender,  religion,  language  or  any  other  status.  These  rights  are universal,  inalienable,  interdependent,  indivisible,  equal  and  non-discriminatory.  The rights  are  often  expressed  and  guaranteed  by  domestic laws,  international  treaties, general  principles and  other  sources of  international  law. Though  the  rights  were  first  emphasised  in  UDHR in  1948,  Czech  jurist  Karel  Vesak proposed  its  division  into  three  generations at  the  international  institute  of  human rights  in  1977.

The  first  generation  of  rights  focuses  on  civil-political  rights  like  traditional civil  and political  liberties,  freedom  of  speech,  religion,  press etc.  It  was result  of  democratic revolutions  in  Europe  and  USA  at  the  end  of  18th  century.  These  rights  are  strongly individualistic  which  presupposes a  duty  of  non-interference  of  government  towards individuals.

 The  second  generation  focuses  on  socio-economic rights  like  right  to  work,  food, social  security  etc.  These  rights  came  to  the  fore  during  fight  for  economic and  social rights  at  the  end  of  19th  century and  beginning  of  20th  century.  These  rights  require affirmative  action  on  part  of  the  government  for  their  realisation.  These  are  exercised by all  people  collectively or  set  of  people  and  is reflected  in  Mexican  constitution, German  constitution  and  USSR constitution. 

Third  generation  of  rights  are  “collective  developmental  rights”  of  the  people  like  right to  development,  right  to  peace,  right  to  healthy environment  etc.  These  are  the  most recent  inclusion  to  the  set  of  rights  and  its  realisation  is  predicted  not  only upon affirmative  and  negative  actions of  the  state  but  also  upon  behaviour  of  each individual. 

Thus three generation of human rights are very necessary to achieve a life of dignity to every human being.


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