Political Science Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 12 - Question 5

90 Days Political Science Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 01-Feb-2019

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01-Feb-2019 - Question 1

Discuss the various impediments in India’s way to a permanent seat in security council. (2018) - 200 words

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Model Answer

UN security council consists of two types of members: Permanent and temporary. The five permanent members: US, UK ,Russia, China and France enjoy veto power. This provision has been widely criticized by different nations. Also there is voice for increasing African, South American and Asian representation in UNSC.

India has been a temporary member many times. It wants to secure permanent membership in UNSC for its growing importance in world affairs.

But the Indian journey to UNSC Permanent membership seems very difficult. Following are the major roadblocks:

1.P5 Resistance: Permanent members never get to a consensus to allow expansion of council and offer permanent seat to another country. China being India’s rival will always veto down any such agreement for India. Thus this remains the biggest roadblock.

2.India’s economic contribution: Compared to P5 Countries India’s contribution to Security council budget is very minimal, which again discredits its claim to join council as a permanent group.

3.International diplomacy: India is seen as a soft country, especially on matters related to middle east and gulf countries. It maintains neutrality and puts its own interest before taking a hard stance. This is misinterpreted by P5 countries as India’s inability to offer and sanction extreme measures. Especially US is not comfortable with this behaviour.

4.India's reluctance to sign the non proliferation nuclear treaty in 1968 with the US is also a major factor why it(US) is against India's permanent membership 
5.India's closeness with Japan will also be a major reason for China's objection
6.The structure of UNSC is very complex . For India to be a permanent members , it needs the nod off 2/3 rd of the general members with the support of P5 which requires an amendment to the UN charter act
7. With superpowers like Germany and Japan already in queue , India's admission is a far fetched dream as these countries are signatory of Comprehensive test ban treaty(CTBT)

India needs to be a permanent member as it has 1/6th of world's population, largest democracy,7th largest economy and one of the largest contributor to peace-making troops, leader of developing countries and has a better say in global platform and deserves a strong position too.
India needs support of 129/193 members of UNGA for a seat in UNSC. It is as obvious that Pakistan will raise Kashmir issue and China may veto against the resolution. But India should not loose hope about UNSC reforms it demanded from so long It will be India's foreign policy test as how much support it gains and become successful to break the dominance of P-5 in UNSC and secure its position in the most powerful body of the world.

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