Political Science Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 11 - Question 5


90 Days Political Science Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 25-Jan-2019

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25-Jan-2019 - Question 1

Political personalities are more significant than political parties in INDia. (150 words) - 2018

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Model Answer

Political parties are the essential components of representative government and are considered to be indispensable for the successful working of modern democracy.

According to Paul Webb, parties offer citizenry a meaningful degree of choice b/w and control over political elites and are important in building civic & political orientations in the country through their ideology & programmes

In the Indian context, political parties do represent enduring ideology and are distinguished from other parties on ideological issues such as secularism vis-a-vis nationalism etc. • However, with the increased political competitions, there has been a tendency within political parties to give priority to ‘winnability’ over allegiance to ideology. The imperative of security electoral victory has led parties to launch a wide search for candidates or political activist (Personality) using ‘winnability’ as the key criterion.

  • The preference given by political parties to the criteria of ‘winnability’ over ‘ideological cohesion’ is evident in the following manner-

(i) Identity-Politics In a multi-ethnic like India, political parties follow an exclusivist

strategy that deliberately seeks to divide people on ethnic fault-lines, with an aim to capitalize on several social cleavages. This form of political mobilization is known as identity politics. As Indian states are typically linguistic and cultural entities, the parties that reflect such social cleavages flourish therein. For e.g. - BSP aggressively promotes lower-caste political consolidation against upper- caste Hindus. (ii) In india during General Elections whether of Assembly or of Lok Sabha people of India has to vote for MP/MLA of their constituencies and have to choose them according to the need of the society, but on contrary they vote to those party’s MP/MLA keeping in mind their favourite political personality whom they want to become the CM/PM.

The politics on the name of personality is embedded in India from the past 70 years and is still continuing as congress is currently running in their 4th generation.

But this legacy has to be end for the better governance of the India as this type of politics do not bring quality representative but only creates nepotism which is like a poison for the country

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