Philosophy Answer Writing Practice - Week 9 - Question 1

90 Days Philosophy Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 29-Jan-2018

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29-Jan-2018 Question 1

Jain concept of Dravya.(2015/10)

Model Answer

Jain accepts the common philosophical view of Dravya or Substance. A distinction is made b/w character and that which possesses the character. The latter is generally called Drvya or Substance.


Dravya is the one which possesses attributes as well as modes. Gunas are the permanent essence of the substance like the soul has consciousness. Prayayas are changing and accidental like desire, volition, pleasure, the pain of soul.


The substance has its unchanging essence and therefore is permanent. It also has its changing modes, which is subject to production and decay. Therefore, Jains hold the view of Shanikavada of Buddhism and non-dualistic vedantins as one-sided and biased.


Jain rejects the Buddhist view that reality consists in causal efficiency i.e. no object is real if it is capable of causing an effect. The Buddha's criterion is faulty because even an illusory snake must be called real as it can cause effects like fear. So Causal efficiency cannot be a mark of reality.Further, Substance is classified as extended and non-extended. Extended classified into Jiva and Ajiva and so on.

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